1. I

    CTEK MXS 3.6 3.8A 12V Multi-Functional 4-Stage Car Battery Charger

    £29.00 at Amazon for a few hours more.
  2. Roadie

    Multifunctional steering wheel

    Hi all, my new CLK has multifunctional steering wheel and I have a couple of questions relating to it. Currently the head unit is an after market one and of course the volume etc is not controled by the steering wheel but I will be installing my own Pioneer X1 head unit at some point and i'm...
  3. P

    Multifunctional Steering and Comand

    Hi all! I'm from Italy and I own a '99 Mercedes Clk 320 cabrio. I would like to install a multifunctional steering and a comand in my car. I went to my dealer and he told me it's impossible just because of a CAN BUS problem. Someone could help me finding out a solution?
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