1. tanuie

    Kenwood DNX 5160BTS Multimedia SatNav

    Selling my Kenwood DNX5160BTS Multimedia Double Din Sat Nav – only 8 months old due to upgrade. See attached link for specifications: DNX5160BTS Apple CarPlay with built-in sat nav ? Kenwood UK Removed from my Mercedes CLK 280 by a professional installer. Selling for £265.00 + £10.00...
  2. V

    W209 (2005) multimedia change

    Dear all, I have a 2005 W209 - facelifted and I am looking for an upgrade for my Audio20. A friend told me that he bought an Android multimedia and it flooded one of the CAN modules so the car was not able to start and therefore I was looking for NTG 2.0 or 2.5 but what I saw was not really...
  3. M

    W211 Aftermarket Multimedia System

    After my S211 was written off last week I've removed the media system from it. It is an OEM style system with FM/AM radio, DVD, TV, Navigation, Bluetooth, SD card, iPod, USB and multiple video/aux interfaces. The screen is unmarked and it works flawlessly, including the adapter for wheel...
  4. Druk

    Multi-Media cables

    For sale. 1 x interconnect cable for either early iPod or iPhone (NB not lightning) 1 x interconnect cable for 3mm(?) jack Both to glovebox socket in 212 (and possible late 211...not sure) New and unused. Both for £20.00 to include postage in Jiffybag. Thanks.
  5. T

    C Class satnav and multimedia unit W204

    Mercedes part number: A204870729628 Does anyone have one of these installed? How does it differ from a Comand unit? Cheers
  6. sherco450

    vito w639 aftermarket multimedia cluster display

    l have installed a clarion multimedia vx 630 with cluster control . the steering buttons work thou display on dash inactive. AUDIO DISPLAY ONLY no frequency or track number on display. The audio shop insist al thou the system correlates with steering controls there will be no dash display on all...
  7. K

    change audio to a multimedia system on w211

    Hey. I d like to ask if somebody knows how i can change my audio system with a multimedia system. My plug of my car is fiber optic. I have do already the connection for the sound but i cant connect the can bus :-( . Thank you all!
  8. G

    In-car 6-disc multimedia changer

    I have for sale, a brand new Veba 6-disc DVD changer (AV 2411) which was bought for a rear-screen entertainment system. Alas, it was never used and has never been out of its box. Now its gathering dust, though its still in original packaging, with wiring, remote control, etc, ready to install...
  9. K

    UMI for Audio 20

    Hi everyone, :) I was hoping to get some opinions and also feedback for people who have installed the UMI to the Audio 20 unit in the C Class W204 model. I am planning to do this and wanted to know if you have it installed already what you think in terms of the graphics vs tom tom/...
  10. D

    Model Number: DVN-MBC Mercedes-Benz series 7" Touch Screen LCD Multimedia Navigation

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at bluetooth and Sat nav etc, and came across this Model Number: DVN-MBC Mercedes-Benz series 7" Touch Screen LCD Multimedia Navigation System It's not a genuine Benz part, but would it work in my cClass 180K and what are your thoughts?
  11. P

    Multimedia Kit on standard LCD display on C200K W204

    Hi All.. Does anyone here know any garage that able to install Universal Media Interface (UMI) for converting standard LCD (not the big SatNav retractable panel) into media interface? Thats means, we can have SatNav, USB/ipod port, watch TV and play DVD through this standard/basic...
  12. S

    Multimedia Interface for IPhone on C Class with COMAND

    HI everyone. I can't see a topic on this so hence the new thread. I got a C200 at the weekend with COMAND. However, now I have it I have realised that I should have opted for the Multimedia interface as both me and the wife have iphones. The question/s are: - Can it be fitted aftermarket? -...
  13. W

    W204 Multimedia

    Hi Has anybody installed this in c class w204 Multimedia Video interface for Mercedes C-Class (w204) & GLK LVDS Video Interface for Mercedes NTG4 Model Number:BOS-VI001 This interface allows to connect 4 external video sources (e.g. DVD, DTV, Navigation, back up camera) designed for...
  14. M

    Dell inspiron 6400 core 2 duo Laptop WXVGA Screen, Multimedia

    £170 .ono cash on collection OR may post.... ---------------------- Dell Inspiron 6400 Centrino Duo Core 2 15.4" WXVGA High resolution & Anti glare & GLOSSY LCD Screen (1280 X800) Intel Centrino DUAL CORE 2 X 1.66GHz (3.32GHz) 256mb ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 Hypermemory Video Graphics...
  15. L

    Multimedia For Comand 2.0

    Hi all, Iv just purchased a multimedia unit for comand 2.0 but did not get any instructions with it :crazy: The plug is not on it but i know where the wires connect into apart from 3 separate wires which are Black (earth i guess?????) Red (live????) and Green (havent got a clue) So has...
  16. HughJarse

    Multimedia input for COMAND

    I bought this box off ebay and its great. Now selling due to car sold. It allows you to input audio and video. You simply push the TV button and have something attached to the 3RCA inputs ( red yellow white) I used it with my iphone and my archos. I don't have installation book, what I do have...
  17. A

    COMAND 2.5 multimedia adapter from uni-trade

    Hi guys, in need of some assistance please :) I recently purchased this unit, after some advice from other members that it is an okay unit to use. NEW Multimedia Interface Adapter Mercedes Comand 2.5 on eBay (end time 30-Mar-10 13:47:12 BST) (I know the pics shows 2.0 but i have been assured...
  18. A

    Multimedia Interface Adapter Mercedes Comand 2.0

    Hi, since I have no stack cd,, and do't really want one anyway, has anyone got any experience of buying on of these and do they work ? AL NEW Multimedia Interface Adapter Mercedes Comand 2.0 on eBay (end time 08-Dec-09 12:37:45 GMT)
  19. B

    Optoma HD1080 Full HD Multimedia Projector

    Hi all, For sale is an Optoma Full HD projector. 3600 Lumens, it is a high end projector ideal for home use (very good reviews in daylight operation etc) Complete with power lead and remote. In absolutely perfect condition, its had very little use. Cost £1930 brand new just 5 months ago...
  20. amwebby

    Multimedia messages on BT SAP, what happens to them?

    If I'm in the car with th phone connected by BT SAP and someone sends me a multimedia messag, it shows up in COMAND as "NO TEXT MESSAGE". When I check my SIM messages there's nothing there and niether is there anything in my inbox. What happens to them and is there any way of retrieving them?
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