1. RattlerRattler

    TV multi-room upgrade options - Sky?

    Hi I'm looking to up-tech the TVs in the house for 6 rooms and I'm looking for advice. I have a SkyHD box in 1 room with a Sky box (nonHD) in another room and I'm looking to go HD in that second room plus extend the HD service to another 3 or 4 rooms (mainly bedrooms). Is my best option...
  2. WLeg

    Sky multi-room

    In the hypothetical world.... If my father in law has Sky multiroom, and I have a sky box, disk, etc....but no subscription, would it work ?
  3. P

    Multiroom Tv/Media

    Hi, Has anyone dabbled in this? I am trying to design a solution at the moment, and I am stumpped. Problem: 150 ft barn with a projector setup at one end, and a bedroom at the other, then a family room in the middle, and a kitchen. Requirements: View Sky/DVDs from a central source...
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