1. N

    W124 E300D Multivalve with Carlsson Wheels

    My Merc. On Ebay 1995 Mercedes W124 E300 Diesel E300D 24v Multivalve ~ Low Mileage ~ Carlsson | eBay
  2. chilsta

    Multivalve Diesel S124 Starting Issue

    Sometime in the summer I had a couple of times when the engine would start, but immediately die again.I had to turn over the engine many times before it would eventually start, with periodic glows inbetween. After those couple of times it seemed to rectify itself & was fine. Until a couple of...
  3. D

    cheap w124 diesel saloon multivalve

    as model not specified could be a bargain Mercedes W124 | eBay
  4. SilverSaloon

    W124 E300D multivalve (1994) diff ratio

    hi does anyone know (to save me crawling under the car in the dark tonight) what diff radio a 1994 W124 E300D estate should use? thanks derek
  5. N

    W124 - 12 Valve Diesel or Multivalve Diesel 24v

    Sold my Diesel Multivalve a few days ago, so looking to replace it with either another Multivalve or a 12v Diesel, I have never owned a 12 valve, but the bodies look in better condition and some have some nice check upholstery and even velour . Please can someone highlight the differences...
  6. bomber124

    W124 1994 multivalve diesel. Will not start !!!!!!!

    Please help me !!!!! My beloved 124 died on me in January. She has been stood now for 8 months and I need her back on the road. Whilst defrosting her on a cold morning the engine spluttered to a halt ( that's the last time she ran ). We tried a whole can of easy start and she made...
  7. J

    S124 central locking pump types

    I've recently aquired a nice 300D multivalve estate W124. When I first got it I had some shenanigans involving the doors locking themselves when I tried to unlock the boot (IR key not working these days). Originally I put it down to me not turning the boot key enough to the left and possibly...
  8. J

    S124 alarm system

    Picked up the car today (a 95 E300d multivalve) really pleased with it on the way home, but a few hours later and I've been greeted with a handful of little old used car gremlins I think.... Inside the car (atop the dash speaker covers) are 2 alarm sensors. they are very period looking and...
  9. wastedisposal

    W124 300D Multivalve - fuel blockage.

    Just two weeks ago I have purchased the car of my dreams a W124 300D Multivalve, estate. It ran on diesel without any problems, than I've filled it up with 70 litres of WVO and 5 litres of unleaded. The car behaved very well and I was enjoying the smell of Chinese food coming out of the...
  10. WesLangdon

    300td multivalve

  11. WesLangdon

    TD 300 multivalve

    1994 MERCEDES E300 D AUTO BLUE | eBay
  12. Charles Morgan

    W124 Multivalve diesel starting problem

    So I start my diesel up this morning (pretty cold) and it is rough and rather strangled, slip it into D and it stalls. Does it again, then is fine when I apply a decent amount of revs, but still needs throttle at idle to stop it stalling at the end of the road. Thereafter no problems. Just...
  13. SilverSaloon

    2nd W124 Multivalve Diesel estate

    The SilverSaloon stable welcomes another W124 E300D estate, 1994 in Silver... It needs various work here and there to bring it up to scratch. Here are some photos in the condition at purchase time:
  14. T

    Looking at 96 W124 E300 Multivalve Diesel

    Hi, I don't want to hijack the other similar thread so here goes. I have been offered a 1996 W124 E300 Multivalve Diesel Estate. I haven't yet seen the car in the flesh but the seller has Emailed me some photos and it seems to be in very good order. It's not top spec (no aircon) but does...
  15. bigyin1

    w124 E300d multivalve for around £1,000

    Hi I'm looking for a w124 E300d multivalve for around the £1,000 mark, a wee bit either side doesn't matter. I'm located either in Daventry or Edinburgh. If anyone sees anything can then post or PM me or even better if you have one for sale please let me know. Cheers.
  16. SilverSaloon

    Adding a turbo to my multivalve W124 E300D

    hi the only thing that can let the E300D down is the lack of a turbo. has anyone on here heard of anyone fitting one - the LHD models did have turbos but they didnt fit them to RHD models because of the steering box i believe getting in the way. are there any turbo specialists anyone...
  17. SilverSaloon

    1995 W124 E300D Multivalve Diesel Saloon - Smoke Silver

    Hi, my 2nd E300D W124 is now officially for sale. - 1995 N reg E300D Multivalve Diesel Saloon (3 litre) - 176,000 miles - Service History (last 50 odd has been DIY but documented, rest is MB Dealers - AMG spoiler and sideskirts - Wood & Leather steering wheel - 16" Mercedes 8 hole...
  18. 3 phase

    Sticky throttle when cold W124 E300D Multivalve

    I'm a new member and would appreciate some help. I have bought a lovely W124 multivalve diesel and for the last 4 weeks it has been faultless. Here in southern Spain the night time temperatures are just beginning to get down to around 11 or 12 degrees C. When I cold start the car in the morning...
  19. philiggy

    E300d 124 Multivalve & bits for sale

    After many years of running 124 diesels my last one will be going on ebay this weekend. I've collected some bits for them over the years which I'll add as i dig them out if anyones interested before they get ebayed also; Auto trans from 124 E300diesel Multi valve 151k factory roof bars...
  20. SilverSaloon

    Very very cheap 124 multivalve diesel estate

    the gearbox is "gone"(???) very cheap price - i'd get it as a parts car but too far for me to go
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