1. gr1nch

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves Poor bloke. I know you're not meant to get involved and just claim on insurance, but I can understand reacting to having your home broken into, whilst you're in it, and have your pride and joy getting driven off with whatever...
  2. Tim203

    Murder at Woolacombe beach

    Well that's the BBQ sorted . Our 13 year old springer has still got it ! This Sh1te hawk certainly won't be getting your chips. Otto carried this for a good mile back along the beach from Putsborough to Woolacombe before he would let me have it. Very proud doggy. Mrs. 203 was as well!
  3. N

    Murder, manslaughter or stupidity? What killed Sprint Car racer?

    Murder, manslaughter, stupidity, racing incident? What killed Sprint Car racer? Everyone has probably seen the video...
  4. markjay

    Caroline Coyne murder
  5. R

    Sentence for murder now 4 years..

    This is just sending the wrong message to our problem kids in cities. Maybee once the problem gets bad enough that a couple of judges are killed then sentencing will become appropriate. The whole concept of a life sentence being 15...
  6. glojo

    Man charged with murder and rape

    I am a passionate objector to the death penalty, but I am sickened by the behaviour of a human being that has just been charged with the rape and murder of a two year old baby. I fear we will all voice out contempt, but why, why? why has this person done this? I feel so upset for that poor...
  7. fatherpierre

    How to murder a classic car

    Whatever the person who decided to take the original wheel off this car and replace them with its current rims needs glasses and a taste bypass:
  8. glojo

    Life sentence for murder must be axed!!

    Extract from the Times: ***** Judges would have the discretion to match sentences more closely to the crime, reflecting a wide variation in crimes classed as murder at present, from sadistic serial killings of children to a doctor giving an injection to a patient who begs to have his life...
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