1. gr1nch

    Mercedes Museum & Sindelfingen - tips?

    I'll be there next week (28 & 29th) with SWMBO * Any tips, for either venue? * Its a longshot, but anyone else going? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 2017 W222 S350d SWB AMG Line Premium Plus * Ashford, Kent & Mons, Belgium Sent from...
  2. MikeInWimbledon

    Access to the private vaults of the MB Museum

    I will visit the main MB Museum this year. Has anyone any ideas on how to get access to some of the private collection? TOUR THE SECRET VAULT of the Mercedes-Benz Museum - MercedesBlog
  3. C

    British Motor Museum, Gaydon 6/11

    Hi all I've organised a meet with the W124 facebook group at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon for this Sunday (6/11) at 10. Looks to be about 20 cars showing, but thought I'd extend the invite to any Merc - particuarly pre-2000...
  4. whirsk

    Mercedes museum

    Finally made it to the museum,an amazing day architecture,history and of course the cars..... Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. whirsk

    Mercedes museum stuttgart

    Hi Folks My wife and I are travelling to stuttgart next week for wed/sun. Any recommendations for pubs/brewery/general nightlife would be much appreciated. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. whirsk

    Mercedes museum

    Hi Folks I am travelling to the mercedes and Porsche museum in August as part of 40th birthday celebrations. Just wondering if many have been and any recommendations of do's and donts? Also has anyone rented cars at Porsche museum spotted it on their website and looks like fun. Thanks Sent...
  7. Calcifer

    Off to Stuttgart, Mercedes Museum...

    Long night awaits... Bonhams : 1994 Mercedes-Benz E500 Limited Sports Saloon Chassis no. WDB1240361C137516 Engine no. 119 974 12 009 187
  8. brucemillar

    Brenzett Museum

    Nice day out at Brenzett, Kent today. Always a good place to visit if you an interest in WWII aircraft that have been dug out the marshes. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  9. Bobby Dazzler

    Been on an Italian supercar factory or museum tour?

    We're heading off on a European Road Trip next spring, and we're travelling home via Stuttgart so we can do the factory tour at AMG. Our accommodation is all booked, so now I'm thinking about what we should fill our days with. We'll be in Northern Italy for much of the time, and I'm thinking...
  10. K

    w116 350SE "museum" piece...

    MERCEDES 350 SE AUTO SILVER garage barn find dry stored must see!! Classic merc | eBay Vendor previously advertised with buy it now non-carrot of £12k and "make offer" of which there was one (declined). Now selling with no reserve.
  11. BTB 500

    Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

    We went to the M-B Museum in Stuttgart on Saturday, 9 years since our last visit. Some interesting changes (I think, or possibly things I didn't notice last time!). They had a number of cars displayed in glass cases in the car park! Plus we had a wander round the "Classic Center" where...
  12. Palfrem

    Beamish Museum

    Evening chaps, We're planning going to The Beamish for a weekend at the end of June Knowing what a discerning and well travelled lot you all are, does anyone have a recommendation for a B&B or reasonable hotel in the general area please? Many thanks.
  13. S

    Stondon Motor museum auction - part 2

    Slightly OT, but Part 2 of this is taking place on 6 June Everything without reserve: Brightwells Classic Cars | Catalogue No Mercedes unusually (as most classic auctions have a good spread) but some other interesting stuff, in varying stages of decay mostly!
  14. Gollom

    Looted Iraqi Museum in Baghdad reopens 12 years on

    BBC News - Looted Iraqi Museum in Baghdad reopens 12 years on So wish it were practical and possible to visit. In fact I'd love to also visit Iran, Afghanistan etc. Cradle of civilisation What have we done/are we doing to the world. Sigh :( I so hope that everybody comes to their...
  15. C

    Museum trip... to Stuttgart!

    Went over to Stuttgart to look at cars! Somehow got clearance for this and even accompanied by Mrs Cris! Went on the Porsche Factory tour then to the Porsche Museum and the following day off to the Mercedes Museum ...and some shopping in Konigstrasse. If you find yourself there the...
  16. developer

    Has Anyone Put Loaned A Vehicle To A Museum

    Has Anyone Loaned A Vehicle To A Museum? I've asked this before, but a long time ago. Do you loan it, and can you get it back when you want it back? Who insures it? Anything else useful to know? It's a collectable Japanese motorcycle, if there are any recommendations of where it might go...
  17. PhilT

    Trip To Austria - Stuttgart Mercedes Museum Pictures Inside

    I did a recent trip to Austria in the C63 AMG with 5 other cars as every year a week before the main event in Worthersee which all the big VAG group (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) attend and build stages with future cars, one offs etc the whole lake Worthersee is over taken by VW's, Audis, Porsche...
  18. Rashman

    Amberley Museum meet - Sat 21st Sept

    There is a meet that has been organised on the "other side" at the Amberley Museum next Saturday. They are meeting at midday. I am aiming to join them if the weather is good. Amberely Motor Museum Saturday 21st September 2013 - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums Amberley Museum & Heritage...
  19. S

    Trip to MB museum in Stuttgart and Nurburgring

    Me and a pal are planning a road trip to the MB factory and museum in Germany with a stop off at Nurburgring, and also check out the autobahns this October. Neither of us have done this trip before but are fairly confident drivers and not to fussed about the long haul on the wrong side of...
  20. Tack

    German marques event, Beaulieu motor museum

    Do we as a club plan to have a presence there this year? Is there any interest? Is anyone organising it? If not do you want me to? The German Show - Car Rally for German Car Owners and Enthusiasts
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