1. M

    FLAC Audio in Music Register Command

    Hi does anyone know if the new burmeister and command system can play audio files in FLAC via the uploading into the Music Register 10GB it could be my conversion and settings are not correct for setting the quality of file conversion ... car is C Class C300 A205 August 2017 convertible premium...
  2. ringway

    Radio 4 Soul Music. ELO Mr Blue Sky.

    The BBC Radio 4 Soul Music series is something I very much enjoy listening to, so much so that I listen to some of the programmes as albums. Great to have on in the office, workshop or indeed anywhere! In other threads I have already listed a few of my favourites: Gerry Rafferty - Baker...
  3. M

    Bury bluetooth kit Music x 2 for sale

    Hi Since both my wife and I changed cars last year I have 2 Bury CC9060 Music bluetooth kits for sale. The Bury kit is, when installed, very easy to use and will allow you to play your music from your phone through your car speakers. And as the fine for using a mobile in your car has gone up to...
  4. H

    W211 ICE, music/phone connectivity

    Hi All Hope everyone is well. Just a quick Q, was thinking about the ICE in the car, and I was really anting to be able to connect devices, either hardwired via USB or Bluetooth, not overly bothered. I know that there are upgraded Bluetooth versions of the centre console phones which...
  5. S

    iPhone bluetooth music

    I use my iPhone connected via bluetooth for telephone use - is it possible to play YouTube or Music from the iPhone and have it sent to the head unit? I have a 2008 W221. Thanks
  6. Cymruambyth

    Parking sensors and loud music.

    These 2 things don`t go together :( Just reversed into the wall at the gym :fail Luckily all it did was pop the diffuser out on the passenger side and put a couple of tiny marks on the bumper....phew. Managed to pop diffuser back in....good as new...ish :D
  7. MikeInWimbledon

    Too much to ask? SIRI AND music streaming AND Bluetooth phone

    Is anyone happy and effectively using SIRI, music streaming AND Bluetooth phone on their Mercedes? I may be wrong .... but it seems like the Viseeo MB4+ doesn't quite get there, even though I "supposedly" have bluetooth on the Comand unit. Which makes me wonder whether, for longer trips, I...
  8. Sjag1

    Bluetooth Music Streaming & Phone for pennies!!

    Hi Guys / Girls, been away for a few years lol, lurking forever!! Anyway feeling very happy with myself as have been told by Mercedes Main Dealers, and Online Sites that is was not possible to stream Music to my 2009 CLS Head unit without the proper Blue tooth modules. Also adding a phone...
  9. Farmer boy

    Backing up music from comand

    I am looking for help with making a backup of the music stored on my cars hard drive. I have a 2016 S205 PP with comand. In the armrest I have SD slot and 2 USB slots. When I had a BMW 5 series I was able to backup the music onto a large USB stick. Is it possible to back up the comand drive? I...
  10. MissyD

    Music industry

    Hi, need your help again guys please, anyone on here in the music industry, my youngest is maybe thinking of a career in the industry and so would welcome any advice. Im happy for you to PM me if you dont want to say on the open forum about what you do, thanks.
  11. Farmer boy

    Adding CDs to music registry

    Erring very frustrated with my attempts to save a couple of new CDS to the car. I have a 2016 C Class with Comand. I remember popping brand new CDs into the player on my way back from the shops and adding them to the registry on the way home. Tried today and the add to registry option is...
  12. Stewart1001

    C63 AMG Music Register

    Is it possible to record directly off a CD to the music register? On the face of it, after trying several times, it appears not to be - it seems you have to create either another CD with the music files already in MP3 or other compatible for
  13. T

    help with 2006 A200 upating music system

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me :) I have a 2006 a200 elegance . It has the audio 20 (2) with the ipod intergration kit in the glovebox and a mercedes bluetooth thingy in the centre arm box for the phone. It also has a wierd plastic knob/cover on the center console under heating controls. I...
  14. artyman

    Problem with the New Groove Music

    I've been having a sort out of a load of MP3 files on my PC, previously I just clicked on a file and it would fire up the program or app as it is now I suppose! and would play the file, however now some of the MP3's don't play. On a music forum I'm on I click on a link get the dialogue box...
  15. C240Sport97

    R231 SL music file formats

    I want to save songs on to a USB stick and play in my R231 SL (with Harmon Kardon). Any one know what file format the song has to be in? I will be using songs in my iTunes library. I looked in my fake leather manual folder, but there is only a CD based Digital Owners Manual which is useless as...
  16. D

    Music on USB, Disc or HDD

    Hello All I have recently purchased a C Class Coupe 250 and whenever I get back in the car the music has returned to track 1. This does not happen when the ipod is connected, only via the devices listed. I assume there is a way round this, ive tried everything. Any help would be much...
  17. A

    Connecting an Android phone and music library to SLS Comand system

    Hi, Can anyone advise the easiest way to connect the music from my HTC Android phone to an SLS AMG Comand system? I can Bluetooth the phone but the music is not visible when I check the menu on Comand. Hard wire only?
  18. T

    Music on while car turned off - batt warnings?

    Hi All I have a 2011 W212, sometimes I have car turned off and listen to music (audio 50 iPod interface) if I've got a long wait, after half an hour I always get a bit worried and switch it off as i'm worried about the battery going flat. Question was, is there any protection built in that...
  19. S

    Poor sound quality when playing music from phone (aux)

    I own a Mercedes CLC 350 2008 that hasn't done many kilometers since it rolled out of the factory. However the sound quality is really poor when I play music through the AUX port from my phone. The same phone/cable combo works perfect in my Skoda Octavia 2010 and the sound is great. However...
  20. M

    W212 (16reg) - Bluetooth music, No audio

    I have been using Bluetooth to play music in my new E220. I use Ipjone 5S, It has worked fine for about 3/4weeks, but suddenly it has stopped. I can see the track on the command screen being played but no Audio. I have tried to unpaid and repair. Reset phone etc, but no luck. I'm able to...
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