1. The _Don

    The Perfectly Musical Ferrari 212 - Chris Harris on Cars
  2. developer

    Musical Instrument Insurance

    I'd like to insure some musical instruments (predominantly two guitars) on a bespoke policy, including cover when away from the house (for example in the car or at a gig). Any company recommendations, or do you think the "standard" house contents policies with appropriate cover limits will be...
  3. Rex-Mac

    Musical desires & duets

    When I joined this forum a few weeks ago Developer had a guitar thread running, thanks for that I enjoyed it. Clearly this was of limited interest to a relatively small group of members so I wondered what would happen if it was opened up to a wider audience. 1. - What instruments do you play...
  4. The Boss

    My first video musical for my e320ce w124 cabrio

    Hope you all had a good bank holiday. I went about making my first musical vid for my car this weekend.. no speaking (well not this time round anyway) just driving and enjoying the gorgeous weather in a gorgeous car with my gorgeous partner It is 6 - 7 mins in length, but i promise you its...
  5. A

    Musical Mercedes?

    Just found this on their international website (whilst trying to find the online manual for the E211 (Failed))... "Rediscover musical diversity: every 6-8 weeks Mixed Tape presents an exciting blend of...
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