1. Dave Richardson

    musty smell

    So does anyone else have a musty smell in the car. When the heater is on in the car we tend to get a musty smell best desribed as being similar to the smell from household hoover bag. I've renewed the filter in the air intake casing which sits above the battery, & it doesn't appear to have...
  2. T

    A/C Musty Smells, Air filters & Drain Tubes

    I have the classic musty smell for about 5-10 mins after the A/C is switched off. I have replaced the pollen filter (in the passenger well) and have tried two different aerosoles ( a Comma product and one from Euro car parts), both have helped but not eliminated the problem. I have two questions...
  3. glojo

    Air conditioning Musty Smell

    A friend of mine has just commented on how his air conditioning smells 'musty' when he first switches on the unit. Has anyone any ideas on what the most common cause can be. Filters? Bunged up drain? Thanks for any advice, John
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