1. M

    Comand ntg5 mute

    W212 E63 with ntg5 comand ( btw thx to Alfie for confirming comand model) Is it possible to mute comand by a third party connection such as one which connects to a standard ground stereo mute cable which some car audio systems have? I have a cheetah c550 gps speed camera locator hard...
  2. G

    For Sale: Audio Mute on Reverse

    Automatically mutes your radio / head unit, when reverse is selected - ideal for cars with audible signal only parking sensors, or as an additional safety feature, to minimise distraction. Bought this a couple of years ago to fit in my old car, but never got around to do it. German made...
  3. G

    FOR SALE: Auto Mute on Reverse

    Bought this a couple of years ago to fit in my old car, but never got around to do it. German made, with a brief install instruction in English (pinout mentioned is for VAG cars, but easy to find Mercedes equivalent - only mute and ground pins required at the head unit, third wire goes to...
  4. A

    iO Play 2 install

    Hi, I am new to the forum and am seeking some assistance in stalling an iO Play 2 into my 2002 C Class Coupe (W203) with the Audio 10 CD Player. I have done a lot of reading and found out that the connections on the radio do not have a 12V switched live. I have come across a connection lead...
  5. A

    Command stuck on mute..

    Hi all, We have a problem with my wifes CLK 500 Sport('07 5.5) The Command is stuck on mute with the little mute icon on on the bottom of the screen. It has done it before but has come back on of it's own accord. We have had distortion from the centre speaker so I have disconnected that. I...
  6. zenman63

    Mute radio in reverse

    What would it take to mute the radio when selecting reverse? Looks like a device to switch ground is needed. Anyone have any info on this?
  7. 8

    Map Pilot and radio mute

    My Becker Map Pilot does not mute the radio during directions. I can't find the settings. Any ideas anyone??
  8. L

    Mute button

    Hi, Could anyone explain why the mute button on my Audio 20 setup doesn't work when I listen to C.D's from the autochanger? Works fine with a single C.D in the Audio 20 head unit or if the radio is on. Thanks in advance.
  9. E

    Audio 20 -No Sound unless you mute & un-mute

    I have a strange question. My Audio 20 was working fine until it went for a service. Now, when I turn the radio on or when I start the car with the radio on I get no sound output although the display shows everything ok. If I press the mute button & then again to un-mute, the sound output...
  10. GrahamC230K

    Sony Ericsson HCE-16 Advanced Music Mute

    Sony Ericsson HCE-16 Advanced Music Mute (now discontinued) wanted. If anyone has one or knows of a source, please contact me via PM. thanks
  11. S

    In car bluetooth with mute

    Hey, I participate in a lot of conference calls and as such a lot of the time on the call is spent on mute just listening in. I'd like to put a fitted incar bluetooth system into my W202 but none of the offerings i can find from IO and Parrot seem to have the ability to mute the microphone...
  12. Gollom

    Autolead mute

    Finally got round to installing this - it works with the phone but now the Audio 50 is always on mute (and says Mute in display) except during a call when it displays the radio channel wavelength but no music! :crazy: Can't see anyway I could have plugged something in the wrong way round as...
  13. whitenemesis

    How to Mute the Radio

    WITHOUT using the Mute button? Is it possible? :rolleyes: I have Linguatronic but there are no commands to mute the radio! :(
  14. boggie

    Audio 10 Mute connector?

    Hi All, I am fitting a phone kit to my W210, it has the Audio 10 head unit. Does anyone know which connector is the mute connector on the back of the unit please? Thanks!
  15. M

    Stereo Mute button

    Merc E200 2001 TStereo is original Mercs. The mute button works perfectly when the stereo is on but will not mute the CD player. Is this normal? Any ideas? Thanks MFK:confused:

    W211 - Audio Mute With Comand

    Just fitted a Nokia car kit because my E320CDI doesn't have the factory prewiring for the telephone. All works fine but I have not got the mute to work. Can anyone cofirm that this should be connected to the top left pin on the 4 pin plug of the audio gateway fitted in the boot. I...
  17. S

    Does Command 2.0 have phone mute?

    i know it doesn't have full phone integration with a nokia aftermarket phone kit, but will the phone mute functionality work at least? i.e. stop the music playing when the phone rings thx in advance sasha
  18. G

    Sony Mute Lead?

    Hi Guys, I'll be getting my hands free car kit fitted soon. One of the options I want setting up is the mute function that kills the radio/cd when a call comes in. Unfortunately as my Sony CD player was installed by the dealer, they gave me the users manual but no installation guide. So I...
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