1. Red C220

    Becker Map Pilot not muting on audio instructions

    Latest (2012) facelift C class with Becker Map pilot fitted. Up until last Tuesday, when using the sat nav, each time an audible instruction was given the stereo would mute automatically until the instruction ended. All of a sudden this stopped. I went throught the System menu on the Audio 20...
  2. ckember

    muting voice directions

    :crazy:I am having problems cancelling in the voice commands on my W211 command APS with DVD version 7. If I press and hold the mute button during a direction announcement, The command will beep but no message pops up to say the voice is muted, as stated in the manual and I get the next voice...
  3. S

    W203 Comand 2 - Muting the Nav voice??

    Hi, Just retrofitted COMAND 2.0 to my 2001 C320, all works well etc etc, but is there a way to mute the annoying direction voice, so it just gives a visual indication instead? I know you can turn it down, but it still fades the radio when giving directions, I just want to turn it off...
  4. M

    Handsfree Kit & Amp/Subs Muting Problem

    Hi The company I work for recently paid for a handsfree kit from Halfords costing £99. :) The kit is pretty good, the stereo mutes, and the call can be heard from the car speakers. After having the kit installed, I installed an amp and sub. :D My problem is, when I receive a call...
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