1. S

    MY01 Firmware Update Disk needed for COMAND 2.5

    Hi, Does anyone have a copy of the MY01 firmware update disk for the COMAND 2.5 head unit in my W220 S320 year 2000. I tried using a CD-R and cleaning the lens, but no joy. It won't read a CD-R. I'd be happy to cover all your costs to post and some more + send it back once complete...
  2. C

    W203 MY01 and Parrot mki9100

    Hi all, i am a new owner of W203 C180 MY2001. I am happy with the factory audio set ( i think Audio 10 CD ) and i would like to keep it, but i lacking the ability to play mp3 files and Bluetooth headset too,so i thinking to buy and install parrot mki9100/9200. The problem is, when i have checked...
  3. P

    Help Needed with MY01 Firmware Upgrade

    Hi, I've recently bought a lovely CLK430 Avantgarde Cabrio (W208 - 2000W) with absolutely every option from the list including Comand. However I'm quite disappointed with the sat nav as the mapping doesn't show any of the smaller roads and lanes near my home. I intend to buy a 2007 map disk soon...
  4. M5CLK

    MY01 firmware upgraded and no english, please help!

    I just upgraded the Euro COMAND on my '02 C32 with the MY01 from The COMAND is a 463 unit I installed myself and it had the language option (english, germany etc) piror to the upgrade. After the 2 stages download, everything worked, except for the...
  5. s1gar

    my01 goes blank when checking disk

    i have a mb update cd i follow the instructions on the disk 1. insert cd 2. turn off unit, ignition and remove keys. 3. press * # and on at the same time 4. press start 5. the screen goes onto checking disk and goes blank after 10 sec's HELP!!!!!!!!! THE UNIT IS A A208 IN A...
  6. Alfie

    COMAND 2.0E DX for sale A163 820 36 89 with MY01 applied.

    I have one ML COMAND for sale with part number A163 820 36 89. MY01 update already applied. Unit is fully tested, fully functional, warrantied and comes from a 2003 ML. This unit will fit easily into any ML (W163 shape). It is also the ideal unit for anyone wishing to install COMAND into...
  7. R

    Update Command 208 to MY01

    Good nights, this one is my first message in the forum, I sit(feel) my English evil. I have a command of one w208 turned NON-CAN, this one updated to the year 99 and np I manage to update it 2002, set the disc of update, the command goes out and remains in black Someone to give some idea...
  8. B


    How can i tell if the MY01 is installed on my W208 comand 2? i have the DX logo currently??
  9. shearder

    MY01 Firmware upgrade

    Hi All Can the MY01 firware be used to upgrade the APS 30? is tis only a Comand upgrade? if so, are there firmware upgrades for the APS 30? Thanks. :D
  10. M

    Comand MY01 firmware part number

    I tried to order the MY01 Comand firmware upgrade disk from my stealer using part number W 230 589 0022 00 (found on this forum) but result came back as part non-existent. Does anyone have an alternative part number I can try, or does anyone have one of these disks they can sell me? Thanks
  11. D

    MY01 Update CD

    Is the MY01 update cd the latest for comand? Does 'MY' stand for Model Year?
  12. M

    Making a comand accept MY01 twice ?

    Does anyone know how to make the MY01 update load twice ? The COMAND refuses to update the unit again with the same verison.
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