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    SLK55 AMG MY05 COMMAND - how do i fit an ipod ?

    Hi Guys, As title says i have just bought the above and it doesnt have an Ipod connection, this is a must for me :). What options do i have please. would love to control it from the head unit. The COMMAND system is a single cd unit and it has had the Speaker upgrade (Harmon Kardon)...
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    I Got my new # MY05 # CLK320!

    I Got my new # MY05 # CLK320! ......Well, not yet, but my sources tell me that some stock of MY05's are about to be released in a matter of only days. It is possible someone in Europe may even have one by now. CHALLENGE: Who will be first to say I got one, and Please, Please ... Post us...
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    MY05 Option NOT available!

    Was advised today by my dealership that my ordered MY05 CLK320 Cabriolet (July make, Sept delivery) WITH Linguatronic option, will be 2 months LATE if I still require this option. (ie November delivery) The reason stated is that the Linguatronic option has not been devoloped yet for this...
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