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    Software service-CD MY2001 for Comand 2

    As title please. Comand online are out of stock and STAR tells me there is an update available for my NTG2. So if anyone has one lying around they no longer need I would like to buy it. Tony
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    PSE Location My2001 W210

    Hello All, I am going a little bit mad in trying to find the phone controller for my car. The car is a Jan 2001 E430. It has an integrated phone kit with Comand also installed. The phone cradle number is A203 820 06 51. I have tried various Nokia phones such as 6230, 6230i but none seem to...
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    MY2001 CLK55 Standard Spec Questions

    MY2001 CLK55 Standard Spec I have recently purchased this car :D and together with the ususal manuals and warranty documents, I have found the original MB Sales Brochure for the CLK. In this brochure under the "standard spec" section of the CLK55 AMG, it lists rain sensing wipers and xenon...
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