1. T

    GLC mysterious bongs

    Had the GLC 2 weeks now and love it. Getting to grips with all the various tech etc and pretty much have it covered, however every so often I'll get 3 bongs going off, no messages anywhere and no idea what it is......anyone get any ideas?
  2. H

    Mysterious Dying Engine

    My '99 E55 is doing something very strange Was cutting out in traffic every now and then, so I checked and cleaned the MAF - all OK there - and replaced the crank sensor This seems to have have taken care of sudden cutting out when pulling up in traffic, but there is one remaining issue...
  3. A

    OM642 mysterious coolant leak

    Dear new forum friends, please help me with internet diacnostic :) I have a 2011 viano V6 cdi (om642 engine / 722.683 tranny). All and all, it runs and beahves well, but i have a mystery cooalnt leak. It was purchased from germany with rapaired front end accident damage. At first the...
  4. D

    A mysterious little noise.

    Hello, I'm a new member and a rookie Mercedes owner so I hope this query is in the correct section. I've become the proud owner of a 1992 230E auto saloon (which I believe is classed as with the W124 series engine), and it's a really beautiful example with just 55,500 (ish) genuine miles...
  5. Silver CL55

    Front fog light and left side light warnings at the same time, anything mysterious?

    Or do I just need new bulbs? I just thought it strange that the both came on at the same time. Car is a w219 CLS55 C.
  6. rony2rip

    2003 ml270 heater/motor mysterious noise

    Hello all, Has anyone experienced the strange unpredictable heating motor/ Air conditioning pump, loud whirring noise that starts without notice when the engine is running. It would appear to be in or below the centre console area between the front and back seats if you know what I mean. Do...
  7. M

    Mysterious squeaky noise from front end

    hi everyone, I’m new to all this so please accept my apology if I have posted this in the wrong place. I’ve always been a BMW man but recently purchased my first ever Mercedes and it’s a CLS 320 cdi with the full AMG styling pack. The car is beautiful and everything I wanted HOWEVER I’ve...
  8. masseyfergy

    2.6 with mysterious water leakage

    Hi all my 2.6 sportline has developed a water leak where its going is a mystery i suspect head gasket problem mileage is 113k has anyone had experience of doing a head gasket on this motor? any advice would be most appreciated
  9. W

    Mysterious water puddle W202

    i own a 1999 C200 W202, the 2 rear doors became water containers during this winter, once i open the door water comes rushing out the bottom, but thats not my main problem, while driving (speeding up and breaking) i hear water moving inside the car, from behind the drivers side (left side), i...
  10. ringway

    Vito. Mysterious Puddle at rear tailgate.

    Following on from the thread by our man Corned (although I must add that this thread is not my interest in his thread). LINK. My 2008 Vito has developed a puzzling leak at the tailgate area. The leak manifests itself only when the van has been stood in the rain. If I hose or...
  11. developer

    Mysterious Dogplant found

    The very rare (and extremely content) Doggus Plantius :)
  12. moralcrusader

    W123 230E Mysterious Battery

    While I was replacing the interior bonnet release handle earlier in the week, I noticed that there is a battery of some sort mounted in the passenger footwell just above the release handle. The battery has some sort of plastic clip on top which clips into a meatal bracket in the side of the...
  13. S

    Mysterious Water Leak in Front Passsenger Footwell W124 E320 Cab

    Water has been appearing in the front passenger footwell and soaking the carpets. Car had been into Mercedes Benz world for bodywork to front wing and rear floor panel. The ususal suspects of windscreen side drain channels and underfloor drain grommets were clear as were the centre drain...
  14. PJayUK

    What could this mysterious noise be?

    Just after a few opinions on an annoying noise I am experiencing on my S320. So first some background. The previous owner had spent fortunes on this car, the history confirms that it has had loads of work done by a MB dealer on various things, including the gearbox, steering suspension etc. He...
  15. L

    Mysterious vacuum leak & hunting...

    Hi everyone, I'm new on here having just bought my first merc... a mint black C220 elegance. I've already sorted a little issue i had with my wiper thanks to the great 'how to' bit on pinning that gear, now i've got a it of an idling issue i'm hoping someone may be able to help with. I can...
  16. C

    c250td mysterious oil leak

    Hi i hope someone can solve my problems basically after i have been for a drive (anything over 50 miles) there is oil on the drivers side edge of the bonnet and on the slam panel just above the headlight ive taken the car to my local garage who tells me the turbo seals are leaking and i need...
  17. M

    W124 mysterious abs and no tach

    Hi, First foray into diagnostics for me on a Benz. Two problems: 1. Abs light illuminates on reverse, yet 90 % of the time self tests fine and goes off when going forward; 2. Tach' non function all of the time. I read that the OVP relay is problematic on these vintage Mercs, would this be...
  18. culpano

    Mysterious rattle finally cured !!!

    My missus discovered what was causing it so I forgive her for all the times I have found apple cores and Asda receipts in the passenger door cubby hole ! The rattle I had quite frankly wsa so annoying I'd sort of given up with the car. On it's recent MOT I asked MB to have a look if it may be...
  19. rajinder_1

    Mysterious Rattle????

    Hi Guys, I have posted this before but still not found the cause, i can hear a rattle sound coming from the exhaust, i think its from the exhaust anyway. It is there sometimes and not others the rattle that is the exhaust is always there.... But it only sounds when the car is in gear, if...
  20. imadoofus

    Mysterious Folder....

    I've just found (not hard to spot, actually) a folder in my root. It's called "de32c35ad370735acaa0ccccc67e7f", and it contains just one file, called "msxml4-KB927978-enu" which is a 286k log file of some description. The first few lines of the file read as follows: The folder was...
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