1. J

    Mystery hose and connector (w638 110 CDi)

    I've just bought a 2002 110 CDi and have noticed a hose hanging down that's not attached to anything. See photos attached - it's about 1/2" thick - I've added green arrows to show where it emerges and then dangles down the front of the engine block. There's also a weird looking electrical...
  2. G

    C180k coupe mystery leak HELP!

    Hi all! I need some help. Recently discovered a fair amount of water in the side compartments in my 04 c180k coupe. I can't for the life of me find where the water is getting in. If I reach isnide the panels that give me access to rear lights etc the inside of the panels are SOAKING as far up...
  3. M

    Mystery Beeping from the rear of my 2015 E350.... Any ideas ?

    I bought my E350 used from a dealer 6 months ago, and since I bought it it's always made a very odd beeping noise after reversing onto my drive.. When it went in for a service 5 months ago I mentioed it, and they couldn't reproduce it, so I left it. It's continued to do it, so when it was in...
  4. Q

    Vito 120 Brabus Mystery Black Box

    Hello I have a question about a container which is situated in the engine bay attached to the engine on the passenger side right next to fuse box
  5. D

    A220 CDI Mystery Power Loss

    Hi, I have a very strange issue with my 2013 A220 CDI AMG Sport with dual clutch auto transmission that my local MB dealership is having trouble diagnosing. Has anyone here resolved or had the same issue? Symptoms: At a completely random point during a journey, the drive mode is...
  6. akula80

    My 2012 C220 Sport Plus Turbo Mystery

    Could any of you very knowledgeable chaps give me a definitive answer as regards whether my car has a single or twin turbo. There are some contradictory opinions on this
  7. E

    Magical mystery.... who mapped my car?

    I've gleaned from the 8.7s 62-124mph vbox times that my so called 'stock' car is probably mapped. I got hold of Eurocharged today and there is no evidence of my car on the European or US servers. Tried phoning DMS and because I don't have the previous owners details yet they won't check my car...
  8. Hawkwind

    The Mystery Of The Thermostat And The Fuel Consumption

    I replaced the thermostat on my w208 CLK320 the other day, simple job and all was well, heater nice and toasty. I was feeling a little smug and pleased with my handiwork, basking in the warm air wafting from my vents. Today I had to drive to Heathrow, mid afternoon, plenty of time, so...
  9. ChrisEdu

    Mystery noise - speed dependent

    Shortly after getting my S211 (E320cdi Avantgarde with circa 60k miles) I begun to notice a noise. At first, I thought something was rubbing, and with stories of broken springs, etc... went and had a look. All seemed fine as best as I could tell. This happened whilst away on holiday and on...
  10. A

    Mystery part

    I've just been turning out the garage and found the following: Switch 2098209510 date: 08.08.07 I believe this is for a 2003 320 CLK coupe that I no longer own It's still in the original packaging and has never been used. Is it still of use after all this time? Any advice welcome.
  11. D

    Mystery Cable

    Hi Is this for a phone cradle? thanks
  12. I

    Mystery Body Part to identify in W124.

    mercedes w124 estate petrol/LPG | eBay Covers have done a great job, but what is lifting them??!!!
  13. T

    Mystery wire. Help?

    Hoping someone can shed some light on a wire i found today. I've had the dreaded flooded foot well on passenger side and as part of the plan to sort it out i've taken the carpet out. One thing i found though is a thin wire tucked under the trim along the door frame, towards the back of the car...
  14. L

    Mystery suspension problem sl320 w129

    Hello, I Wonder if anyone can help. I have a 1998 sl320 with suspension warning lights coming on and off in a bizarre fashion. The car was on blocks for one month early this year, while the wheels were away being refurbished Once the wheels were back on, the ADS light would come on...
  15. T

    Mystery option code - W463

    Hi, Just bought a recent G350 and ran the options through a Russian VIN site pre-purchase. The odd item was this: IB7 46 (COMPRESSION STAGE 5-6) None of the Options decoders on the web have anything on it. Anyone here got any ideas?
  16. W

    Mystery Connector

    Hello, first post after 7 months of lurking! Currently not in the UK but I am an Englander in Germany, getting lots of stick about the football... The question I would like to ask is, does anybody have any idea what this connector could be connected to? Currently it dangles loose just to the...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Mystery Prototype

    What is it? at first glance it looks like a W205 but has a longer bonnet and wider arches. -To early for a W205 facelift -Test mule for a W205 'Coupe' aka CLS? -Test mule for the W213 E-Class? My money is on it being an early W213 E-Class test mule...
  18. ringway

    The Vito Mystery Machine!

    Made me smile. LINK.
  19. T

    1998 E300d AC Pressure Switch mystery

    Hello all My car has a four pin pressure switch while the dealer tells me that based on my VIN I need a three pin one. Has anyone run into this problem before? If yes, would you mind sharing the part number. I'm fairly certain I need a new pressure switch. Thanks!
  20. W

    R129 wiper mystery

    Might be better in here ... All help appreciated!
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