1. Red C220

    Mystic Blue SL400 New Car Detail by Divine Detail Surrey

    Well I finally got round to getting my car over to Ed for a new car detail having turned down all the Star Guard upsells from the main dealer. Having had his services recommended by a number of forum members. He also happens to live close to me which was handy. The condition which a car of this...
  2. The _Don

    Designo mystic blue cls63 amg

    Gorgeous colour combo, one for sean.
  3. Red C220

    Designo Mystic Red

    What lovely colour this is. Today we went to MB Brooklands and had a mooch around MB World. It was father in laws 65th Birthday today and he has various policies maturing which means he's treating himself to a new car. He'd made his mind up he wanted a C class, but as he's after an entry level...
  4. The _Don

    E63 designo mystic blue

    Mercedes Benz of Sheffield : E63 AMG SALOON
  5. bobby

    Designo Mystic Blue C63 with PPP

    Wasn't this just bought from a dealer?!? Or is this another one? Mercedes : C63 amg 60reg performance pack plus designo 4k miles
  6. buccal

    Mystic blue C63

    Stunning colour:cool: Mercedes : C63 amg 60reg performance pack plus command 4k miiles
  7. The _Don

    C63 designo mystic blue

    Morning all,thoughts on the colour ? Auto Trader UK - MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS 6.2 litre C63 4dr Auto
  8. C240Sport97

    Pics of my designo mystic blue C L S 55

    better late than never ..
  9. aka$h

    How many Designo Mystic Limited Edition R129's?

    Just wondering if anyone had an idea of how many Designo Mystic Blue R129 SL's were ever supplied to the UK? I know the Silver Arrows were limited to 100.
  10. buccal

    Mystic blue 55

    There is something about mystic blue just brings out the best in MB design IMHO. I don't like this shape of CLK really, but this looks lovely: MERCEDES-BENZ CLK55 Tip- Auto Trader UK
  11. C240Sport97

    Mystic Blue 05 SL55

    Mercedes-Benz Direct :: Vehicle Details :: SL55 AMG seems reasonably priced, with designo interior as well
  12. proser

    Mercedes Sl320 Designo Mystic Blue 2000 This caught my eye, but the sellers ID doesn't bode well :rolleyes:
  13. aka$h

    01 SL320 in Designo Mystic Blue

    Quite rare, if only it had a glass roof..........
  14. M

    Steve_BCS SL 320 in Designo Mystic Blue

    Here are a few pics of our new SL 320 - There were other cars on the drive hence my poor attempt at photo editing them out of the pictures.
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