1. R

    This Mercedes myth can't be true?! or can it?

    I was searchinf for R129 parts on google and came across this photographer's website where he chronicals his 129 ownership. I began reading his page and was hoping if forum members could shed some light on the following from his page: Mercedes SL500 "Grille The front grill slats are...
  2. portzy

    Global warming. Myth?

    I've been wondering for a while; not so much that the earth is going through a change but whether we are contibuting to that change or its all coming about purely naturally. I've also been wondering what would happen if the whole of the worlds population took the advice of, 'those in the...
  3. Birdman

    New Urban Myth: Exploding Mercedes' Windows

    ..or at least more especially on Mercedes because they're so well sealed and carefully put together.;) A serious-minded Scot, friend of mine, who has just taken delivery of a new Mercedes, parks it on the shady part of the drive and cracks a window because he has been told that during a...
  4. SEM

    Mobile Phone Virus (Urban Myth) Spam Scam

    Dont want to Spread Spam but help you stop spreading "Spam" Please dont reply! Had an email from a friend that has some very high connections with a mobile company. Basically I was told to hang up on an incoming call that came up "ACE" which supposedly was sweeping the U.S. and spreading a...
  5. M

    W203 rear glass GPS / RADIO / TV / GSM myth .... uncovered.

    Ok, like me im sure that most people have been told that the rear glass on different W203 models is different depending on which options are factory installed. WRONG. The truth is this. - The heater element pattern is for radio only. - The GSM cable is the only thing that...
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