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  1. iveco

    Central locking N/S

    Hi guys hope all are well. My 2006 SLK 200 R171 has a problem which I am sure you can advise on . The nearside central locking does not work and the electric mirror adjust will not work . ... window and mirror retract/fold both work . I have done a search and it has been suggested it...
  2. D

    N/S engine mount C350 CDI

    Hi all, Iv changed my o/s engine mount which was completely shot, very straight forward and simple to do so. Assuming the driver side would also be in bad condition, but not much movement upon testing. So will be changing this for peace of mind anyway. Looking at the driver side mount...
  3. A

    1995 W124 N/S indicator

    Hello All I'm looking for a n/s (passenger side) clear indicator unit for my 1995 facelift w124 after mine somehow fell off... Must be an original Mercedes/Bosch part and in excellent condition : no cracks, broken clips or split rubber seals please. Would accept a pair if available...
  4. ss201

    W203 n/s door mirror, folding type

    For a 2005 model, 320CDI SE Elegance. Cover, morror and indicator lens not essential as mine are fine, but the internal mechanism with motor was damaged by a passing car. Needs to be the mirror motor with the folding in option for parking, please.
  5. I

    2012 w204 c class n/s lower wing mirror cover (not-foldable).

    Hello everyone so glad to be back on this site after so long with previous 180 Merc....I have recently got a 2012 w204 c220 cdi, really happy with it...alas some blurt at some point smashed my n/s mirror housing whilst parked on half on pavement outside my house (no garage). The weird thing is...
  6. chubbs111

    n/s mirror

    i have been in hospital for 3 weeks,since coming home i have had to replace the battery,now i have lost the n/s mirror function that dips on reversing,can anyone please inform me how to re set please,i have a 2003 clk270.i do no have a manual to read.
  7. S

    W211 Xenon n/s low beam

    Hi Just noticed the nearside low beam is out on my w211 e220 cdi. The offside is fine. Should I just buy a replacement bulb or is there likely to be something else wrong here? Can anyone tell me what type of bulb is required? It is an HID Xenon I think. Any help appreciated cheers.
  8. Kevlaar

    High pitch squeal from n/s front, disappears under braking

    Hi all, Recently purchased my W211 04 E Class, and it has just developed a "squealing" when driving between 0-25mph which disappears when braking. I've done a little bit of research and a couple people have suggested that it could either be the retainer spring out of place and ever so...
  9. N

    Wanted - CLK W209 N/S Headlight

    Looking for N/S headlight for a 2006 CLK. My lense has smashed, so would be happy with just that part if it's possible to replace it standalone. Thanks, NJ
  10. S

    w210 99 s n/s mirror

    hi guys,im looking for n/s mirror and workings for my w210 99 s e300 it is foldable heated,im not bothered about the colour as the casing is fine,glass mirror is dangling off and some fixings inside look damaged,courtesy of someones size 11,cheers.
  11. AMGeed

    N/S Mirror adjustment.

    Now the weather looks to be on the up, its time I sorted my n/s wing mirror out. Last summer I was convinced that the master control switch for mirror adjustment on the drivers armrest was at fault, so I got a replacement and fitted it. It was a pain to get the unit out due to very limited...
  12. W

    W124 Facelift N/S headlamp

    I have a complete W124 (Facelift, 1993-96) N/S headlamp (but without bulbs) for sale together with a new replacement lens. The headlamp lens has minor stone-chipping. £30 including UK postage.
  13. K

    w204 face lift n/s passenger wing mirror glass lost against a tree

    Hi all, I hit a tree earlier today and in doing so my passenger wing mirror broke to pieces. Luckily I managed to put it all back together but the glass of the mirror is smashed. Can anyone please help me find a replacement. Ebay only offers what i have found in the past to be very low...
  14. astamir

    W208 clk n/s door card

    Hi guys ! I've got a pass side door card in good condition Looking £25 collected from north London Thanks
  15. zenman63

    SLK 171 N/S left headlight

    I have for sale a good SLK 171 headlight, NOT xenon but does look like it. I also have a xenon projector and ballast etc to convert it. £120 the lot.
  16. ivandraganov

    N/s front brake pads warning missing

    The car in question is w203 220cdi 2004.My 2001 Model has both sides.Is that normal???
  17. oldmedic999

    Water in N/S rear light cluster

    Just found out today my rear N/S light cluster has water in it. Has anyone had this problem before and is there a cure? They are LED's not bulbs. Thanks all.
  18. ea666

    W215 n/s front lowered

    Hummm looks like I'm gonna have to have some remedial work carried out. :doh: Over the past few day the front left of the car (n/s front), lowers lifting the rear (o/s rear) driver side up. So far I've checked for fluid leaks, under the car and on the strut and there is no ABC warning signs...
  19. C

    xenon headlamp issue - n/s works o/s failed

    Hi All, I bought a lovely 2005 W211 E320cdi a while ago and due to family reasons, had to store it for a few months without using it. Now I want to use it and have a faulty o/s xenon headlamp (low/dip beam). The nearside is fine. I changed the bulb to no avail and then changed the balast over...
  20. I

    W124 facelift Azurite Bonnet, n/s wing, tailgate perhaps

    Hi, I need certainly two of the above, I could probably get away without the tailgate. Cheers, Paul
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