Nail guns

    M thinking of buying a nail gun. My main uses would be attaching 14mm cladding and cedar shingles (I am told these need stainless nails and have always done this although happy to hear others thoughts) on a regular basis I achieve very tidy results with my old hammer but need to get quicker...
  2. clk320x

    Nail varnish remover Arghh

    Used acetone to get some permanent marker stain off window.. don't ask lol Where it touched the trim it caused it to lose shine Help! How can I get it back to how it was? I was gonna apply car wax but I'm not sure
  3. M

    Nail in New Tyre

    So a month ago I got a nail in the rear passenger tyre. Tyre was about a month away from needing changing any way so not the end of the world. Today the TPMS has gone off to alert me to a low tyre. Exact same tyre was down 0.5 bar. Having checked there is a lare nail stuck through it in almost...
  4. spinaltap

    It's Not About the Nail

    The relationship between men and women... It's Not About The Nail - YouTube
  5. mymini007

    Have I bought a nail?

    As much as I am loving the CLS, I am a bit concerned that I may have bought a wrong-un! The last time I bought a car and it was back at the dealer that sold it to me, it was nothing but trouble from the week I bought it till the week I sold it. So the CLS has been taken back to the garage...
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Nail varnish box

    Google nail varnish box and MBClub appears on page 4, which is handy because I need some advice on, err, nail varnish boxes. :bannana: Mrs D is a great big girl, which means she's a compulsive collector of shoes, clothes, handbags, perfumes, and nail varnish. Storage isn't a problem for...
  7. M

    Bloody Nail!

    My house is on a hill, so where I park, you can stand at the back of the house and look under the car (exhaust is at eye level). Just pottering outside today and noticed something unusual on the rear tyre. A closer inspection revealed there is a nail (or screw) stuck in the tyre. No idea...
  8. salesac1

    Nail varnish damage to centre console box - suggestions?

    A few years back, we had a spill of nail varnish down the driver's side of the centre console box (which is black). Someone nameless, but female :crazy: , put the open pot of varnish on top of the box lid.....inevitable result moments later: white streaks covering an area of approx 10cm x...
  9. PaulE230

    Had a slow (nail embeded) puncture repaired today cost me £5.50

    not bad really and they let me watch . I hate people watching me when I work but I didnt want him to scratch my alloys. he did a good job took him 45 mins
  10. W

    Nail in Tyre - Advice

    Guys Managed to get a nail in one of my tyres, only done about 200 miles! Do you think this is repairable, thinking it may be too close to the sidewall. Sorry about the quality of the pic, took with phone tonight.
  11. S

    Final nail in the coffin for Smart?

    Smart "crosstown" concept:- Smart at IAA 2005 Personally I think its uglier than an ugly thing that fell off the ugly tree hitting all the branches on the way down.
  12. uumode

    NAIL in tyre

    Can this be successfully repaired? (Not using it for racing where the ultimate handling is needed, just around town and to work) What technique and how much roughly so I don't get ripped off. Off course I could change the tyre, but that means changing the other tyre on the same axle to the...
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