1. brucemillar

    Naked BMW Driver

    Simon Taylor, defending, said: “It was only ever going to be self-destruction, driving in his own car along a motorway completely naked is hardly sneaky or sophisticated!” BMW driver Anand Singh exposed himself to French children on coach on the A20
  2. D

    Naked 300SL, and a more modest one

    For you pleasure: A rolling chassis of a 300SL, with another, full-bodied one, next to it. The vehicles are at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands and the moment, but not for much longer I was told. A chance to see the chassis will not come...
  3. trapperjohn

    Naked Lady.

    Gotcha. Well all boats are ladies are they not and this is one I have just finished getting the paint and varnish off. This is "Lemberg" A Fast Target Towing Vessel built on the Isle of Wight in 1942. Think MTB but 10 feet shorter. She belongs to a buddy on mine and Im helping him out...
  4. Stratman

    Weather girl to do forecast naked?

    Damn!!!! I just remembered football is frowned upon here. No pictures then :D
  5. R

    Naked Engine:)

    I recently noticed that many M271 engines including mine are missing a cover which can be seen at the very front of the engine in the photo. i asked at MB and they say some came with it some didn't! Has everyone else got or not got this cover? Have I just discovered the next mod?
  6. E CLASS

    The Awkward Moment When Your Friends Fat Arm Makes You Look Naked

    Was sent this and thought it was pretty freaky!
  7. James1976

    Naked Man in the Boot of a W124 - WTF?

    I know some of us like to keep our cars clean, but cleaning it naked? WTF :eek: Naked man spotted in car boot on Google Street View - Telegraph Only in Germany...... :D
  8. Mr E

    Naked Eye Comet

    I know that some of you are interested (or have significant others interested) in things astronomical (apart from expensive cars!) so this may be of interest... Comet Holmes (on of the Jupiter group) is on it's regular visit - however, rather than it's usual mag 15 (very dim) it's recently...
  9. DarrinD

    How to look Good Naked

    Don,t know about anyone else out there but all I,M getting just now at homw from my beloved is that this Gok guy on this programme is a god,any thoughts...:devil:
  10. PJH

    'Naked' Roads ?

    Don't know if this would work in the UK..... BBc News Link Does anyone know of the scheme in Wiltshire? Is it working ?
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