1. edstrom76

    BNIB Microsoft Surface 3 4G LTE + Typecover + Tripmate Nano Auction finishes tomorrow night if you're interested.
  2. fabes

    IPod car kit and iPod nano

    Hi I have the official MB car kit It doesn't state that iPod nano (2nd gen) are compatible It might be 5v /12v thing, but does anybody know for certain yay or nay? Thanks
  3. S

    Ipod nano

    Hi All I have recently acquired a 2012 C220 with audio 20 ,I have bought a brand new Ipod Nano 16GB to play my CD's on but when connected through the USB connector in the centre console with the cable supplied by Apple the Audio 20 comes up with mass storage device not recognised . However it...
  4. jaymanek

    Ipod Nano 16GB

    Just to shove in the car... cant seem to find one at a reasonable price on the worlds favourite auction site! Must be up to 6gen with old style connector.
  5. M

    Gemclean Detailing-MBClub Member Maffs Eurocopter-Interior nano protection detail.

    Hi guys, After member 'Maff' purchased his new Eurocopter he was really wanting to go all out on protections. This was going to get a serious attacking with weather, speed and UV rays. It was an instant decision to go down the full crystal lacquer route with the eurocopter, to give it the...
  6. bobven

    iPod nano cannot recognise in my C200 CGI (2010 Jpn Spec)

    Hi all, I have a Japan Spec C200 CGI year 2010 fitted with Command APS single DVD system. I have the MB part cable for ipod integration which I found the port in my glove box. I connected the cable, connect my ipod nano to it. I couldnt see that in my display or not even recognised. Any...
  7. shshivji

    Nano paint

    Quick question, Did all the post facelift W203's come with Nano paint and if so what are the benefits??? Shak
  8. Beno

    Ipod nano not charging.

    The nice people at apple recently replaced my old nano with the latest generation 6 as part of their recall. However the new one won't charge up in the car when connected (Old one did no problem) It all seems to work 'ok' in the car menu's etc, and will charge when connected indoors/PC etc, does...
  9. spinaltap

    iPod Nano 1G Apple Replacement Program

    Head's-up, if like me you just happen to own the 1st generation iPod Nano, Apple are offering to replace them due to potentially faulty battery in some models. Apple - Support - iPod nano Replacement Program
  10. J

    iPod Nano 8gb 6th gen (latest generation)

    stupidly broke the screen on my nano and is for sale. Although you can purchase the genuine replacement screen/kits off ebay this one does still work exactly as it should but I don't have the time to replace it hence, for sale inc p&p for £47. The touch screen works fine but I wouldn't...
  11. Michael G

    Ipod Nano help.

    Hello chaps, I've just got the 6th generation model. Now; when I listen to music it likes to go into standby if I don't touch the screen. Anyone know how to fix this? Apart from that it's great. :D
  12. R

    Latest 16GB Blue iPod nano - unopened

    I have a brand new, un-opened, 16GB Blue iPod nano bought last week. Its the one that does video, and is warrantied for a year from Wed 12th May RRP is £138 according to Apple store and can hold upto 4000 songs and 16 hours of video (if suitably compressed ...). My kids seem to be quite...
  13. M

    Ipad Nano - released

  14. J

    Brand New Ipod Nano 16gb Black 2 yr guarantee

    FS: Brand New Sealed Ipod Nano 16gb Black comes with receipt and a 2 year guarantee (if it fails you are entitled to a new replacement). Latest generation with video: Apple (United Kingdom) - iPod nano - Music player, Movie player and Video camera £130 with free registered delivery...
  15. st13phil

    Media Interface Lead for iPod Nano 5th Generation - With Charging?

    Angie's MY09 SLK is fitted with COMAND and the Media Interface (option code 512/518). I bought her a 5th Generation iPod Nano for Christmas and as I was passing the local dealer yesterday I popped in to get a connection lead for her SLK. The parts guy searched his documentation and came up...
  16. flango

    i Pod Nano (1st gen) reset

    Does anyone know how to reset an iPod Nano? it has completely frozen have checked the manual and google and the reset procedure of pressing the centre of the click wheel and menu at the same time does not work, some google fixes suggest doing this under power but it still does not work, also i...
  17. M

    Mercedes branded iPod nano 8Gb £80

    Hi All, Noticed this offer while at MB Brentford they are selleing a Black iPod Nano 8Gb for £80 well worth it as a regular Nano 8Gb retails for £120 (price from sainsburys) Im assuming by Mercedes branding they mean a Mercedes logo appears when you switch the iPod on, as i didnt see any logos...
  18. P

    Tata Nano: price in EU

    I was thinking of buying a Tata Nano. At around £1500 or less it has to be considered. A bit of research disclosed that it will not be here until about 2011, but called the Europa, and at about £4500. Well it was a thought! I am not sure if it is the cost of complying with EU and other...
  19. Dryce

    Tata Nano

    Having spotted the BBC reporter figuring out that the Tata Nano was wonderfully innovative because it had 3 wheel nuts per wheel instead of four and that the rear bond screen was a major safety feature - I looked for something more telling . How much does a Nano weight? 600Kg. What's the fuel...
  20. partsspecialist

    MB Branded 8gb ipod nano

    Hi all. Here i have an apple ipod nano 8gb. Very limited Mercedes-Benz branded edition. This is not yet old stock but it is the last one!! £169.00 inc vat
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