1. Mrhanky

    NAS / Cloud storage

    Upto this week we have been using a 3tb wd my cloud device to store all our back ups for my company without issue. However, this week it asked for a firmware update, this I did but since then its never come back online and does not show on our network. I have tried all the tricks on the net...
  2. Piff


    I've had a search through old threads and the problem is that technology moves on and the threads become dated! Number 1 son has used a USB drive for media storage and the drive is now full. We have a home network and TV is DNLA compliant. Son wants NAS with a minimum of 2 x 1tb hard discs...
  3. Tan

    Media server / NAS

    Following on from my recent post on advice for a Blu-Ray player, I had finally decided on the Pioneer and was going to collect one at the weekend. However now a friend has put the idea of a media server / NAS in to my head. If I get one and an external Blu-ray drive, is this really a...
  4. Gollom

    Buffalo 500GB Linkstation Pro NAS

    As in title. Works fine but I have replaced with a 2TB device. Currently full of movies and music! £50 Would prefer collection from PR2 or WA3 or I am happy to drop it off close to M6 between J21 or J31. Finally will be at Jays in Nuneaton on 4th August if you are going :thumb:
  5. Igurisu

    Upgrading my NAS - few questions

    Advice from the IT pro's please :) I'm planning to upgrade my NAS as my current Buffalo Linkstation is almost full and I am starting to see drive errors. I have selected the Synology DS413 Synology Network Attached Storage - DS413 Products (unless anybody has a good reason not to), as the...
  6. Spinal

    USB Hard Drives & NAS

    So I'm starting to run out of space again, and need to consolidate my storage... My first thought was to set up a FreeNAS server or buy Drobo... That said, at the price of storage now (saw 2TB external drives in PC world for £60 and NAS 2TB drives for £100) it's cheaper and easier for me...
  7. Whitey

    Media Streamer / NAS

    Hi guys Thinking of getting a WD Live TV Hub. I am looking at getting networked storage, so I looked at the WD Live Hub as it acts as storage and as a media player (MKV/ISO support). I know I can get a drive for my PC, but I do not want this on, as I want relative silence - I ditched my...
  8. GordonTarling

    NAS Backup Software

    I've been using Acronis True Image to back the contents of our NAS to a hard drive connected to my PC. However, I'm not very happy with that software - it takes 12 hours to back up 460gb! - so, I'm looking for alternative software that doesn't cost a fortune, is available in a trial version and...
  9. J

    DROBO - NAS RAID Storage 4 x 1TB drives USB FW800

    selling my DROBO along with the 4 x 1TB hard drives that it houses. please see here for more info: Drobo - Drobo 4-bay I can send pics of the actual unit, please pm for info. In excellent working condition, only minor thing is that its missing a spring on one of the drive flaps but you...
  10. Piff

    NAS back-up woes

    Bought a Buffalo Linkstation NAS a few weeks ago. Attached to network & software installed on main pc. Due to struggling with windows back-up scheduling, used the system within the Buffalo software and it seems to work - each day it kicks into life, chugs away & reports back-up complete. Have...
  11. gaz_l

    Home NAS setup

    Greetings, Citizens. We have far too many computers kicking around the place, and I've decided that it's about time I set up some storage as a repository/backup. A NAS device seems ideal, and there are many to choose from nowadays. Perhaps too many, as the choice of features ranges from meagre...
  12. jpskiller

    HELP with NAS drive

    I'm trying to locate a external 500gb drive which will work over Network when formatted with NTFS, most seem only to work with fat32 this is no good because of file size limit, does anyone know details for drives that would work thanks
  13. E

    Iomega 320GB NAS Hard Drive For Sale

    I have a Iomega 320GB NAS drive for sale. Its complete with power cable, ethernet cable, stand, manual, software and box. Please note the following... The box says its a 750gb but the drive is actually 320gb in size. The original drive was returned to the manufacturer as it malfunctioned...
  14. mercmanuk

    nas storage or sata enclosure

    i need a nas box or an enclosure to hold 4 500gb hdd's or 2 1tb hdd's can anyone help.oh yes they are sata drives cheers all
  15. F

    NAS 1 plate spotted on Ferrari...

    As we all know Prince Naseem is now locked up in Moorlands Prison...:devil: Before this his private number plate NAS 1 was on his "notorious" SLR and was then transfered onto his black SL65 AMG (R230). However, yesterday I was out in Windsor and saw a red Ferrari soft top looked like a (360...
  16. Mambo

    Prince Nas' SLR

    Bumped (not literally) in to Prince Nas this weekend outside the Ritz in his Silver SLR (plate NAS 1). He was with Eubank who was in a Hummer H2! (crappy) pics to follow.....
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