1. Gollom

    Where do our priorities lie? UK Ltd - The soft touch nation!

    Just spotted this today: A safety review of all 1,800 bridges in Cumbria is being carried out after severe flooding caused extensive damage to homes and roads in the county. Prime Minister Gordon Brown ordered the review during a visit on Saturday, when he pledged £1m for flooded communities...

    Planning a trip to the Northumberland Nation Park.

    I'm planning a trip to the above, soonish, so where and what's good to see. I do like driving up steep hills :thumb:and moutain passes like the Hardknott pass in the Lake District. Also love to drive off the beaten track. We should be staying over one to two nights, so we can also visit other...
  3. glojo

    Oil producing Nation

    I'm baffled (very easily done) Oil is as usual at an all time high.:rolleyes::rolleyes: We are told this has horrendous effects on the economy BUT............ we are an oil producing nation? :confused: :confused: Is oil more expensive to recover today, compared to yesterday? We sell...
  4. Theothers

    Test the nation

    Bored at work? have a go at "Test the nation" I got 44:crazy:
  5. Satch

    Favourite Song of the Nation

    Well now, this is a sad state of affairs. Winner will be announced at Brits 25 on February 9th. But the list to choose from?? :eek: Heroes - David Bowie We Are The Champions - Queen Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush Night Fever - Bee Gees London Calling - The Clash Love...
  6. pammy

    Test the Nation - Music test

    Anybody else do this last night - one of the best of these they've done - stuff for everybody there. I got 48 right, with their chart putting me in the top 10% :bannana: Hub's went and got 50% :( :D What about that guy who got 70/70 :eek:
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