1. streetsupercars

    National SL Weekend pics

    hi Sadly I missed the event. did anyone go from here? if so any pics you can put up ? thanks
  2. ringway

    The Builders Grand National.

  3. MD5

    National Lottery changes

    I'm loving the spin on the changes coming up in October, from when they will use an extra ten numbers; "More numbers to choose from" - yay! I don't know how that will decrease the odds of winning, I've read by about a factor of three, at about 45 million to one, but there are other "benefits"...
  4. developer

    National Tyres And Autocare

    Spoiler alert - if you're not an "I'm concerned about whether they will damage my wheel" anorak, move along, nothing to see here. I had some new tyres fitted last Saturday, having ordered them through Tyre Shopper online. National Tyres are their partner fitting organisation. Now...
  5. dan-mb

    Grand National

    Any one have any luck with the Grand National this year? I had two horses backed. Al co -fell at the first :( Night in Milan finished but well down the field.

    The National Trust membership?

    Hello fellow National Trust members! I'm thinking about joining the National Trust membership. What does it give me? I've had a look on their web site and it's not to clear to me, is it free entry to every National trust place or just reduced admission, how much reduction?
  7. Jay Gatsby

    Grand National

    Any tips? You bunch of gamblers! Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  8. grober

    National Air Traffic Service (Nats) MELTDOWN

    It has emerged that a broken internal telephone system brought delays and cancellations for thousands of travellers today. The controllers at the NATS air traffic control centre in Swanwick, Hampshire, use it to swap important data about aircraft, it's vital to help them perform their job...
  9. C240Sport97

    Carbon Monoxide, British Gas and National Grid

    British Gas (BG) tested my boiler this morning with a meter with a long prod which was stuck deep into the boiler. The CO reading was 17 parts per million (ppm) initially, falling to 12ppm after a couple of minutes. CO is harmful if exposed to 35ppm for over 8 hours. BG man said I had...
  10. M

    Nice respect for national anthems

    Not; just listening to the footie on 5Live and the English fans were atrocious and the Scots just as bad in return. Shameful by the scum bag fans-they really need to watch Rugby to learn some manners. Rant mode off
  11. EDZ649

    National Transplant Week 8-14 July 2013

    About five years ago my father was diagnosed with renal failure. He was told that he would need a Kidney transplant within the next five years and that if he didn't have one he would almost certainly have to go on dialysis. Needless to say my father and indeed the whole family were devastated...
  12. Godot

    National Archives Book Sale

    Many under £5.00. Ends tomorrow Book clearance. Extra 10% discount!
  13. Sp!ke

    National restaurant hygiene ratings

    I cant remember if that been posted before but I thought it worthy of posting. Before you go for a meal out, remember to check this site. Food Standards Agency - Search for food hygiene ratings
  14. S

    Touring: Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park

    The weather forecast was very promising for Saturday morning but not the afternoon so I decided to make the most of the weather, get up early 5am, and have a morning jolly. As the world was sound asleep the shed was awakened and taken the reverse route of the first tour I did in her. I felt...
  15. Igurisu

    National Mileage Register (HPI Check)

    Just got a letter asking me to verify the mileage of my previous car when I sold it from National Mileage Register. I'm quite happy to do this, I'm all for helping stamp out clocking etc. But, when I read the "about us" section of the website I see that it is a private company. So of course...
  16. C240Sport97

    £10 in a National Savings Investment Account

    in May 1987. Recently found an old passbook with a balance of £10 as at 23 May 1987. Sent it in last week to close and get money back. Guess how much I got back? Closest guess gets a Gold Star .. Competition closes 9pm Thursday 26 Jan 12.
  17. Godot

    National Campaign to Reduce War Memorial Theft

    This a copy of an email sent to me this morning, via an "Old Comrades" contact, to draw my attention to this campaign, so with, hopefully a Moderator's permission, I'd would like to draw it to your attention.:thumb: Any little Hamlet or Village or even Wayside Memorials that you know of, even...
  18. Benzowner

    National Debt

    I would prefer this not get political for obvious reasons. With Greece on the verge of bankruptcy, Ireland and Portugal being hinted as also possible runners for the same honour, I read this morning that the UK could be bust by 2060. The blame for this is an ageing population putting a...
  19. U

    The Mercedes National Concours Day , Milton Keynes 25/6/11

    I understand the Mercedes-Club are holding a National Concours day at Mercedes-Benz UK head Office , Milton Keynes this Saturday (25/6/2011) Anyone been ? Whats it like ?
  20. Godot

    Film and Video Library Motor Museum Trust, Beaulieu

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