1. Brian 1

    Quick look at clever nature photography
  2. R

    Faith in human nature.

    This girl, Cara, is my daughter's friend: Irish girl whose mum is battling cancer NEVER expected this very special surprise from kind stranger - Irish Mirror Online
  3. Charles Morgan

    A study in human nature

    This is the scene outside my house - the road is flooded to a depth on about a foot at its deepest, and washing onto my drive as cars pass. So, having been out there for a couple of hours asking kindly for people to slow down and observing the behaviour patterns, guess which types of vehicle...
  4. Gollom

    Faith in human nature maintained.....

    Went into Preston today and managed to lose my wallet. About £60 plus usual assortment of card and driving licence etc. Cancelled the cards then 30 mins later got a call from bank had called to say that Fishergate Shopping Centre had my wallet!!! Appears I dropped it paying at the car park...
  5. Harrythedog

    Awesome Nature

    Newcastle, Thursday tea-time
  6. R

    Smart by name, but not by nature ?

    Madness: Lancing man fails to beat speed camera (From The Argus)
  7. mickl

    sometimes, human nature is great

    picked this up from another forum about a young Subaru fan who was terminally ill the initial thread The aftermath
  8. J

    Freak of Nature Mercedes

    I was in a BP petrol station recently, and I saw this dark blue (or black) merc pull over (the owner went into the BP shop) Ok so far you are thinking what’s unusual about that …. except this merc has the rear end of the W202 C-class and front end of the W210 e-class !! I just stood there...
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