1. R

    Naughty MB Bristol?

    It's a bit OTT, I suppose: Pride and joyride: Chauffeur left furious after mechanic broke speed limit 9 times in his £48k Mercedes
  2. ChrisA

    Naughty Diesel driver!!

    Oh dear......who's the naughty boy in the 2008 C320 Cdi who smashed in to the back of a cab then quickly left the scene "forgetting" his front number plate :bannana:
  3. Howard

    Naughty Euro Car Parts

    So , yesterday I emailed them about a new condenser for my car , they have two listed , I was enquiring which was the correct one for my car. Anyway , phoned them today and one is OEM and one is pattern , all good. However , yesterday before my email the price of the pattern one was listed...
  4. stwat

    The Mighty 190. Warning, Music vid contains naughty words!

    :D:D lYaIFvRqv2k
  5. R

    Speed awareness courses for u naughty boys

    Most police forces in England and Wales have adopted new speeding rules that allow motorists to do up to 86mph and avoid points on their licence. It means drivers can pay to do a speed awareness course instead, if caught at up to 10% above the limit plus 9mph. At a meeting of the...
  6. SportsCoupeRich

    Under (tyre) pressure. Dealer very naughty.

    Checked my tyre pressures last night having decided the ride was getting worse recently (left it a week as often think it is my brain playing tricks on me). Front L - 39psi Front R - 42psi Rear L - 44psi Rear R - 32psi Shocking enough, but it was the MB Chelsea who did this - I asked...
  7. Howard

    Naughty boys .... Tee Hee :D
  8. J

    Car being naughty again....Advice needed

    Hello all, the saga continues.... Dropped off S Class and picked up my C Class last monday with a brand new ECU paid for by MB as a goodwill gesture. This was due to an intermittant accelerrator problem. (At times when pulling away the pedal would go to the floor and only move away very...
  9. J

    Naughty wing mirror - W203

    I'm now the proud owner of a C220 and have a few teething problems... The o/s wing mirror isn't working, I'm getting an error message as it doesn't indicate, it won't fold in or adjust either. Any thoughts on what it could be and where I should start. Thanks in advance. Jonathan
  10. grober

    Fernando Is A Naughty Boy!

    With team mates like this who needs the Ferrari opposition ! :(
  11. marc777

    Naughty boy

    is this an E55?
  12. reflexboy

    Warning-Do play naughty Vids in your Merc!

    Take a look here: Apparently worried that his Mercedes-Benz was not enough of an aphrodisiac for the ladies, a 35-year-old man in Clifton Park, NY, just pleaded guilty three misdemeanor charges related to playing porno DVDs on...
  13. robert.farmer

    naughty boy

    was a NAUGHTY BOY today, went to see a Mondeo ST24 Estate, very nice, was very tempted but have since been told to stay away from the Ford V6 it is nothing but trouble,never mind will carry on looking. Stick with MERC perhaps.
  14. F

    Naughty , Naughty , Very Naughty

    Hmm , i wonder what someone wants this for :rolleyes:
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