1. M

    Navman N20 Sat Nav Unit

    Just removed from our Renault, Navman N20 Sat Nav Comes with screen mount, in car charger, manual, lovely leather case, no box, no discs (software can be downloaded from the navman website if required to add foreign maps) £30.00 inc postage
  2. Crazyjester900

    Connect Navman

    Hey guys, Can you connect a standard Navman to the car without the using the cigarette lighter? Do you need to cut the cable? can you buy a separate cable? i want to hard wire it into the car??? Any HOWTO or so as i am not too good with the wiring. .... Thanks guys....:o
  3. Mozzer

    Navman SmartST 2005 for Pocket PCs

    Anyone got these CDs ? If so, please PM me. Anyone got the speed camera software you can add to this (available on e-bay ?) Is its any good / worth it ? Cheers Stuart
  4. Lazarus

    Navman iCN 520

    Hi guys, I've just bought myself a Navman iCN 520 Sat Nav device, and on the whole I'm very pleased with it (helped me navigate the darker parts of the New Forest this weekend). I was wondering if anyone on here had a copy of the European maps on CD? Before I go and spend €100 on their...
  5. Ian B Walker

    Navman ICn510

    Being totally lost when it comes to things that have wires. Does anyone here know how to connect up my Navman to my radio ? Radio is a Pioneer. There is a socket for an earpiece on the unit, can that be used or, do I go to Maplins and buy a 12v amplifier and hide it under the dash and connect it...
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