1. Ultrarep

    Genuine navteq 2012 two dvd nav disc set

    2012 navigation DVD set Bought by mistake, this is a genuine MB two dvd set of Navteq discs in the proper case with all instruction books. Bought it for my 2004 E class but its the wrong one. This set is for comand APS on the following cars C class 03-07 to 03-11 GLK after 10-08 and SLS after...
  2. Goldfish11

    Please help in updating the NavTeq Maps for Mercedes

    So I now have my new Comand update but I am still finding Petrol Stations that were closed over 10 years ago and roads that are missing. Really annoying but I guess no one has told them. It turns out you can register on the NavTeq website and report errors on the maps and also add in points...
  3. GrahamC230K

    Anyone get Navteq discounts?

    Hi all, I want to buy the latest DVD for my Panasonic satnav from Navteq, which is £180. Does anyone here get a discount with Navteq that they could pass on or does anyone have any current offer codes (probably best via PM or they could get barred)? Regards Graham
  4. stats007

    Navteq TeleAtlas for Becker Trafficmaster?

    Does anyone have the latest TeleAtlas for a Becker Trafficmaster? My version 8.0 disc 2 has died :( .
  5. scumbag

    TMC enabled Navteq DVD

    I have been assured, by Mercedes Benz of Harrogate, that the TMC enabled DVDs for COMAND satnav will be out early in the new year. they have this info direct from mercedes. so it is only 18months late then! I have just taken delivery a 55reg SLK and it was equipped with the same version (4.1)...
  6. glojo


    Well we must speak as we find. I complained to Navteq about the out of date Mercedes-Benz dealership information. I got the standard 'sales' reply about how they regularly update their data base and it merely takes time for the information to go through the system Anyway tonight I have...
  7. F

    Navteq GPS.

    For those who are into GPS, there's an interesting account of the visit to a NAVTEQ data field office at It describes how new roads are checked by NAVTEQ staff, and how software version releases are rolled out. Forrest
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