1. liamt

    NCB Protection Yes or No?

    Hi Guys, Well it is nearly that time of year again for me with my Car Insurance up for renewal in March. I have a Multi Car policy with Admiral for the A Class and my Brothers Peugeot 208 GTI 30th Anniversary. The renewal quote was a little high therefore I decided to get another quote from...
  2. BAZ-500SL

    How does NCB work

    Hello guys right I'm a little confused about how NCB works, I have 2 years if NCB, but I want to insure a classic and keep my daily as it is, if I use my 2 years NCB with the classic the premium drops to £300, but without the 2 years NCB it's over £1000, but I want to know can I only use this 2...
  3. SilverSaloon

    Insurance question re 2x NCB after a claim

    Hi My wife used to insure two cars under two completely seperate policies, and therefore had x2 NCB's built up, both were at 5 years. She now has just 1 policy and has 1 NCB in use, the other is sitting dormant. Last year she had a claim on her policy and its dropped to 3 years NCB...
  4. SilverSaloon

    NCB question

    hi can anyone shed any light on this...? My wife has two No claim bonuses, which she has built up via 2 vehicles. ALFA is insured (and still currently insured) with 10 year NCB. W124 was insured 2 years ago with Insurance Company '1' with 5 years NCB SL was insured 1 year ago with Insurance...
  5. wobbly

    Insurance NCB question.

    I know this used to be possible a number of years ago, but is it still possible to use a No Claims Bonus, gained on a motorbike policy,to be transfered to a car policy. Just looking at my options with a view to insuring another car.
  6. SilverSaloon

    NCB on a 2nd car

    hi my wife insures 2 cars (citroen picasso and the E300D saloon). We have recently only had the merc insured as the picasso has been off the road but we have now starting running it and insured it on a brand new policy with Direct Line. They want proof of no claims. Fine, we...
  7. grober

    Nicolas Cage loses his NCB

    There's a fair bit of "product placement" of Mercedes cars in movies nowadays. theres a couple of clips from National Treasure Book of Secrets. I keep waiting for somebody to say "don't worry you've got mobilo life!";) clips getting closer...
  8. jpskiller

    Insurance NCB Query?

    This may be a daft question but here goes : If you have 2 car's which where insured a few months apart, and then when the policies run out on both you decided to get rid of 1, do you have 2 years NCB's or 1?
  9. uumode

    Car insurance that mirrors first policy NCB?

    Any one know of any other insurance company that takes the first policy holder's NCB - and mirrors it for their partner's policy? i.e. 2nd partner doesn't have any NCB, and inherits full NCB from first partner (Reward for having both cars insured with the same company) I'm currently with...
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