1. A

    C220 amg sport coupe w204 nearside wing/headlight

    Hey guys After genuine new/used nearside wing For a c220 coupe w204 2012 & possible Xenon headlight for same side Thanks
  2. D

    W204 Nearside clunking

    Father-in-law has a 137k mile 2008 C220 Cdi Sport that is near mint and he looks after better than his missus, but it's developed a clunking on the front nearside suspension whenever he goes over anything and he can't find out the problem. Had a couple of garages give it the once over, they...
  3. O

    2007 W211 Nearside door mirror help please

    Hi, I've got two problems, both on facelift w211 First is mine, the mirror no longer folds either with key or with button. I've disabled the auto fold and left them out, but want to restore this function. I've taken apart as much as I can and cleaned/WD40 it, but no joy. MB have quoted £288...
  4. Gollom

    auto-dip of nearside wing mirror

    I know some people love this, but I am not one of them. How do stop it automatically dipping when reverse is selected on a 2004 ML? (has the lux pack if that makes a difference) I have looked in the manual and can't see what to do Many thanks
  5. R

    C63. Transmission whine from rear nearside.

    My car is a 2014 C63 which has done just under 14000 miles. It's got the 19" multi spoke wheels with 10 mm H&R spacers front and rear with H&R lengthened bolts. I fitted these not long after I bought it to give the car a bit more of an aggressive stance. The spacers and bolts are the size...
  6. B

    Auto Dim Nearside Mirror?

    E63 W212 2014 I noticed last night that my rear view and offside/right wing mirrors were both dimmed nicely when some twit came up behind me with very bright lights, but the nearside/left wing mirror didn't dim? I would of thought both wing mirrors would be auto dimming, or is that my mistake...
  7. S

    W212. Access to door lock rear nearside.

    Hello. Trying to replace the door lock on my 2010 W212 saloon. I have removed the door card to be confronted by what appears to an aluminium inner door panel which is preventing access to the door lock. This panel appears to be riveted on? Is there a knack to this job and/or is the panel...
  8. S

    W212 Saloon Rear Nearside Door Lock Actuator

    Hi. Can anyone point me to a supplier of this part which I believe is A2047302135. It's the solenoid or door lock actuator operated via the remote key. I've emailed two MB pats Deprtments however after 4 working days I guess that they are just too busy to respond. :confused:
  9. Palfrem

    W124 door mirror nearside

    Need one please! In silver if possible. Managed to crack the cover getting the car out of the garage. The rest of the unit is fine, just need the cover really. Thanks
  10. Palfrem

    W124 door mirror nearside

    Managed to crack the cover when getting the car out of the garage!. Grrrr. Does anyone know if you can just get the cover from MB or you have to buy the whole assembly? Looked on eBay but there is just one really crappy looking one (in red not silver. Thanks edit - Changed search...
  11. W

    thumping noise from rear nearside

    I have an E320cdi year 2000, when I take off from a stand still I get a brief thumping noise from the rear passenger side. This has been going on for some time now and is really starting to get to me as I can not find the problem. To eliminate the tyres I have swapped wheels corner to corner. I...
  12. B

    Wanted: Nearside Front Wing 2001 CLK 230K

    Colour code: 744 (Silver) No side repeater holes If you have one please message me Thanks in advance
  13. S

    Urgently needed sl500 abc strutt front nearside

    I've bought 2 struts from a scrap yard as mine were finished now one of the new ones is faulty car is now Sat in the specialits dipped on the left side IVE just had the gear selector replaced as the ecu died this car is really testing me IVE also had all the front ball joints replaced what next...
  14. S

    Urgently needed sl500 abc strutt front nearside

    I've bought 2 struts from a scrap yard as mine were finished now one of the new ones is faulty car Sat in the specialits dipped in the left side IVE just had the gear selector replaced as the ecu died this car is really testing me IVE also had all the front ball joints replaced what next if...
  15. L

    1992 230e saloon boot trim RHD nearside

    Hello, Bit new to this so please be gentle with me. I am trying to gain access to the aerial as it needs replacing - there is a Bosch aerial fitted at present and I want to revert to the electric hirschman unit. I know that I need to remove the trim but can only see one fastener. Don't...
  16. S

    C Class w204 facelift - Nearside daytime running light staying on all time (dim)

    Hi all, Wondering if you could advise... I have a 61 plate C Class Saloon Sport Edition 125. Tonight I've noticed that the nearside daytime running light stays on at all times but is much dimmer than full brightness. Has anybody seen this issue before? Do you know what could be causing...
  17. tcb180

    Nearside Rear Tail Light

    Over past few days warning has come up to check n/s/r lamp. So with a house brick weighting the pedal down I investigated to find it was working perfectly. BUT; Upon removing the bulb and refitting it, the bulb filament just about lights up very very dim and flashes on and off before coming...
  18. Adeinfrance

    CLK W208 nearside sill cover and door module.

    Hi. Anyone breaking a 2002 W208 CLK Elegance? I need a nearside sill cover with jacking point covers in silver if possible and a drivers side door module. Car is a 230K coupe. If anyone has just the jacking point covers I could get the sill cover repaired. Are these jacking point covers...
  19. Gollom

    W211 nearside dipped beam

    So how do people with normal size hands change the dipped beam bulb on these? Can barely squeeze my hand in, let alone do anything useful! Come on, there must be a trick. Does the black tank thing unbolt (it says "Do Not Open When Hot" but does not look like the coolant expansion tank which is...
  20. N

    e280 nearside fog lights and brake light

    Hi, a few days ago I picked up a 2000 e280 - Love it, drives like its on rails, pulls like a train etc etc, bodywork , well, pretty shabby :) So I have started to address the little bits and bobs, whilst waiting for a 'new' front wing to arrive - one that has me puzzled is the nearside fog...
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