1. Darrell

    NEC this weekend.

    Is anyone going? I am travelling by train on Sunday morning hoping to arrive between 10.30 & 11.00.
  2. I

    PC Classic and Restoration Show -NEC

    Anyone going to this show at the weekend? I think I will go, hopefully provide me with inspiration to crack on with the 280ce. Looking at the floorplan on the website and exhibitors list there doesn't seem to be any Mercedes content there at all. Dissapointing!
  3. P

    NEC classic car show

    Anyone off to the NEC next weekend? Haven't been for about 15 years, thought I'd have a run out next Saturday. Is it still a good event? Paul
  4. P

    NEC Classic car show

    Anyone off to the NEC next weekend? Haven't been for about 15 years, thought I'd have a run out next Saturday. Is it still a good event? Paul
  5. Charles Morgan

    Classic Car show NEC

    My Mog owning neighbour has prevailed on me to come along. On previous occasions I've gone on the Saturday and found queues bad coming from the M42. To more regular participants, is Friday better and is there are back route in that beats the main motorway rush?
  6. ScottyC63

    NEC restoration show

    Anybody going to the NEC over the weekend?
  7. Palfrem

    NEC Classic Car Show Nov 15 - 17

    The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show NEC Birmingham November 15th 16th 17th Anyone planning on going?
  8. Dr-Nab

    Autosport International Show @ NEC

    Hey everyone, Anybody heading up to this at all? One of my friends is there at the minute via some trade passes and keeps sending me random images, looks like a decent set up this year so wondered if anyone is headed to the NEC for it? I'm tempted to go tomorrow but the weather forecast...
  9. jaymanek

    NEC Classic Car Show 2012

    Was a great day out... tired from doing several laps of the place.. Probably not so much fun for my Mrs and my Mum but its all good exercise. Me and my little boy were in paradise!
  10. G

    Bryan Adams Concert Tickets, NEC

    I have three tickets to see Bryan Adams at the LG Arena (NEC, Birmingham) on Sunday Dec 4th, 7.30pm. Its his 20th Anniversary Waking up the Neighbours tour and the seats are in Block 15, row N, so you're close to the stage and sure to get a good view. I bought them back in March this year, but...
  11. Druk

    NEC show specials.

    Sorry to post this here but not much time to go and thought it would get max coverage... I have some unwanted parts for sale which I'm intending taking to the Club stand at the NEC, the proceeds of which will be given to the Mercedes Club charity; Help for Heroes. A 003 997 82 94 NIB...
  12. Charles Morgan

    Classic Car show - NEC this weekend (Fri - Sun)

    Anyone here going? Looks like I'll go on the Saturday - a huge amount to see, do and buy! (books, waterproof driving or flying gear and gloves look like the must have accessories for me in the Allard - roofs are for sissies). Many car clubs will be there with cars on display, so I think it...
  13. A

    Pictures from the NEC caravan & Camping show this weekend

    Hello 99% of you will probably slate them but as we queued to get in the car parks I'm guessing we cannot be the only ones that like Caravans and Motorhomes.. Some various pics of the show.. Pop out this way and that is the way forward either motorhome or caravan...
  14. A

    Anyone going to the Caravan & Camping show @ NEC

    Anyone else going? We are off to look at the new vans :)
  15. A

    Anyone off to the NEC Caravan show soon.

    Hello Anyone going? Cheers
  16. 1

    W202: Is alignment nec after new susp bushes?

    Hi all, Another wheel alignment question! I've just finished replacing the control arm suspension bushes (aka front lower wishbone), front lower ball joints and steering damper on my 96k 1998 C280 Estate which I've owned from new (freeing the lower ball joints was a major pain - another story)...
  17. neilireland

    NEC classic car show 13th nov

    Is anybody going to attend this???
  18. S

    Anyone with a spare seat to NEC car show on Sun?

    Hi Trains are gone to pot, new car has been delayed Anyone happen to be passing/near North London (St Johns Wood area) to the NEC car show tomorrow (Sun) that has space for a passenger? Happy to chip in for fuel 07766532586 Cheers James
  19. A

    Any one been or going to the Caravan Show @ the NEC

    Hello Anyone been or going? Just come back after a full day looking at new models including some awesome motorhomes however some a tad big for uk roads... ooh and before you think I'm mad, we queued to get into the carparks and they were full, so we cannot all be wrong :) Great day.
  20. andy_cyp

    My car will be shown at the NEC.

    I just recieved confirmation from the organizers of the pistonheads show that my E55 was picked to be shown along with another 149 cars at the autosport international/piston heads show in january.Dates are 11/13th & gates open around 11am. Car will be professionaly detailed by Zymol on the...
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