1. optimusprime

    info neede w124 260e

    Hi this is a funny one on me .Car runs very well But its like as if the timing is out , this is just as you take you foot of the gas to slow down .Only just notice it to day .Wounder if anyone else has had anything like it.Yesterday i put redx in the tank ,after i filled the tank up .I dont...
  2. STUR32

    Some advice neede.

    My brother has a C220 CDI 59 plate, 100000 miles, serviced twice a year at Mercedes Benz.When he puts his foot down above 40 mph there is no power and the engine management light comes on. After pottering about for a couple of days the light will go out but there is still no power above 40ish...
  3. M

    W124 Rear bushes neede

    Hello ECP. I need the W124 Rear bushes for my 1993 300TD Reg number k 706 hvv I do not need the ones for the diff o subframe. Only the arms/wishbones. Do you have them in stock in your rustington, west sussex shop? Many thanks Martin
  4. Darrell

    Urgent computer help neede

    Guys, I have located the cable that connects my laptop to my flatscreen tv. Sadly I have forgotten how to get whatever I am looking at on my laptop to play onto the lcd screen . I remember having to go into the control panel on the laptop and thats where it ends. I have just found 'tv...
  5. G

    help/information neede on a comand APS DVD unit

    I have obtained a comand APS DVD system for my (to be bought in the near future) new model Vito or Viano. Reason for this modell is it has DVD navigation & MP3 playing capabilities. Different from all other comand systems this unit only has the D2B connection and prob. the power connection...
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