1. G

    Mobile Sray painter needed plz!

    I want to have the wing mirrors and chrome surrounds around the DLRs sprayed black - its for a in the birmingham area so if you know anyone please let me know
  2. J

    C63 advice needed

    Hi all I'm just in the process of buying a 204 c63 I've found a nice one which has one owner and just 23000 miles on the clock, it's also at a merc main dealer. However it's just had its front discs and pads replaced!! Seems very early in its life to have had its discs replaced, should I be...
  3. M

    Map Updates for ML320 and ML350 (W164) Advice Needed Please

    Hello Everyone, I need some help before I contact MB, so that I know I am asking the right thing :-) I have recently purchased an 2010 ML350 and a family member already has a 2006 ML320. I think the map updates are about £150 from MB, but I cannot find the command model on one of them...
  4. T

    Help needed - W205 Windscreen Replacement

    Good afternoon all, I run a fleet of C350es. Not for the environment but for the tax implications for both employee and employer. I have a very good relationship with the salesman who I ordered them through originally but I had one of the guys call up and say that he had a crack and needed a...
  5. M

    Proud owner of a w211 E55, advice needed after health check

    Found a very good example e55 so I purchased it. Took it to a mb specialist to get the breather re sealed on both sides as it was leaking oil, while there I asked for a health check so now I am looking for parts and advice. The double ribbed pulley needs replacing due to play which is tearing...
  6. M

    W210 2002 wings needed . travertine beige code 693

    Hello,if anyone has both wings for an e class w210 2002 ,paint code 693 ,, give me a shout ? Andy 07508 849 700 Thanks
  7. M

    coding needed in West Sussex

    Hi, I have 2008 Sprinter van I've decided to add cruise control, swap basic speedo to advanced one, also the steering wheel from old style non remote buttons one to 2015yr one. On top of that ntg2.5 from sound5. for the cruise, I added the stalk and swapped accelerator pedal, so needs just...
  8. G

    Gearbox specialist needed for Vito 722.6 box

    Hi guys, new to the forum, so go easy. My van, a 2007 Mercedes Vito 122 cdi crew van with a 3.0 V6 diesel engine and a 722.6 auto box, which I believe, has recently developed a fault whereby as it slows down and you don’t apply the brakes, there is a noticeable/ loud squeaking or squealing...
  9. D

    Looking to move to an SL55 - advice needed

    Hi everyone, joined here to get some real world advice and experience. Currently have an e46 M3 which I enjoy, but haven't really gelled with it. So looking around at other alternatives, have done the modded jap cars to death, and have got the fast Audi's out of my system as well...
  10. C

    05 mercedes sl55 amg wiring burnt in boot help needed

    Hi So just purchased a Mercedes SL55 for this summer, vehicle has been delivered and did not start after further research which I thought may have been a flat battery in the boot vehicle wiring seems to have been burnt on o/s rear quarter in boot for which reasons battery had been...
  11. tron

    W124 heater switch wiring diagram needed.

    W124 information is either hard to find or I am not looking in the right place. What I need to know is the switching from the three switches in the centre of the dash, between the rotary temperature selectors. The car is a 1996 E300d, and the reason is this: My car didn't operate the centre...
  12. MB-tex

    w124 rear hubs - advice needed

    Hi All About to begin swapping out rear subframe on '96 e280 estate. I am looking to buy a couple of used rear hubs to clean up and attach to the new frame. Are rear hubs standard across the years/range or do I need to buy a specific hub for my car/year? I have seen a good one on ebay from...
  13. E

    W210 prefacelift estate doors needed

    My '98 E55 was driven into I've had the steering and suspension repaired and that's all fine I've got a pattern wing sorted, but I need to replace both NS doors. Can anyone help? ideally I want complete doors. Ebay is full of facelifted estates but the external door trims are different I...
  14. K

    W124 230TE ignition coil help needed

    Need some help as I replaced the coil on my W124 230 TE year 1986 but did not mark all the wires. Is there someone who has a similar coil that can check where these connect or else send me a photo of their coil? Thanks all.
  15. I

    Electronics Advice Needed!

    Hi, I have been having issues with my power boot opener/closer on my CLS 500. Everything appears fine on STAR, boot normalised, no faults recorded. I did some investigation and I have I believe that the problem lies within the control unit. In particular the motor control relay. I have come...
  16. -AJC-

    Help needed - 2006 ML W164 Door Lock Cylinder Removal

    I've been dismantling my drivers door on my 2006 ML 320 CDI W164 to repair or replace the door actuator. I've read several guides on how to do this and this video explains the process of removing the actuator: However, unlike in the...
  17. R

    W211 E55 info needed...

    Looks like my CLK will be going on Sunday after taking a big loss on it in the nine months of ownership. One of the options I'm considering is the W211 E55. Their are two I'm considering on this forum....I need to know realistically whether or not I can afford to run one as an everyday car...
  18. A

    w124 cabrio E220 1997 PARTS NEEDED

    Anybody know somewhere you can buy 124 cabrio repair panels ? rear wheel arch and panels behind headlamps etc. Also looking for set of 17inch AMG alloys for it and a central locking pump and a rear view mirror backing - any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
  19. A

    w124 cabrio E220 1997 PARTS NEEDED

    Hello looking for a central locking pump 1240002148 and a rear view mirror backing and wondered if anyone knows where i can find repair panels for the w124 - mine is a bit rusty behind headlamps and on rear wheel arches, please email : [email protected] many thanks. p.s also looking...
  20. P

    oz amg split rim wheel needed!

    im after a single (or maybe a set) oz amg 3 piece front 8.5x17 et18 alloy wheel, usually found on 129's and 126's. thanks
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