1. S

    Needing help with W204 C-Class (62 reg facelift)

    Hello all, I am looking to improve the look of my C-Class as I noticed it could look a lot better. I really need advice on a lot of these things. I don't know much about cars and I am hoping you can help. 1. Window Sill Trim I looked for replacements of these on eBay but could...
  2. A

    ML63 needing some growl

    I love the pops and bangs when flooring it however when pootling you wouldn't even notice it driving past it's so quiet. Anyone else had this problem with their performance cars? What to do!???? Andy
  3. S

    Newbie needing C/L advice.

    Hi all, Here it is. I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks and got back to my R170 who will now not unlock with the remote. Batteries are OK in both my remotes and I can see the I/R operating on both of them on my digital camera. I have read the threads so far and they have posed a...
  4. E

    Needing a bit of advice

    Hi All, I have developed a fault on my Ml 300 blue effiencency. Upon starting the car in the morning the idle speed is a lot higher that it used to be, It has always been around 750 rpm to 800 rpm, it is anywhere between 1100 and 1500 rpm until it has reached normal operating temp then it drops...
  5. Sebring1

    Newbie needing some advice.

    Hi all! I'm in the process of building an Austin Healey replica, and will be using the AMG M113 5.4 NA engine, which I already have. My plan is to use a manual gearbox and standalone management system. I know this is possible, but can't find much info on the net about it. Who would you...
  6. T

    New member needing advice on slk280 purchase

    Hi all, i am tony 44 from London and have been driving my alfa gtv 2.0 TS for the last 12 years and now feel with age that i can finally go for that convertible I have looked, studied, compared, dreamt of various cars from Mx5, to the new alfa spider only to be told that chain belts are...
  7. jonnyboy

    Carlsson staggered split-rim 18" wheels with tyres needing refurb

    These came off my 129. Need a refurb. 4 budget tyres (one needs re-fitting). Decent tread and extra load. 8.5" front, 10" rears. Stunning when on:- Lots of detail pics here:- 129 Wheels Photos by entire54321 | Photobucket Offers (but I won't be giving them away!!).
  8. D

    w111 220 se with mot and needing some restoration offered at a good price

    1961 MERCEDES 220 CREAM | eBay
  9. H

    54 plate c220 cdi needing bluetooth HELP

    Hi I am now wanting to get my phone integrated with the cars system and also use my ipod aswell. Its a bit of a minefield and i dont know what I need or what I dont need going by what is already in the car. When i bought the car its got a nokia cradle fitted for an older phone. There is also a...
  10. Reggie-rock

    Anyone needing to work over Christmas like me?

    I am back to work Boxing Day as I am involved in replenishing Tesco's frozen food in store around the country.
  11. A

    Newbie needing help

    Hey guys, my names Andy obviously and I'm a mechanic from Bradford and have just got myself a lovely 97 w202 C280. Need some help getting her tip top and don't know where to post what I need to ask and can't seem to find the search function. Thanks
  12. Abb

    Needing to scratch the G Wagon itch

    Hi Gents, as the title suggests am going to start the hunt for a G Wagon. I appreciate it is a marmite vehicle but I have always loved the styling and I have toyed with puchasing one over the past few years but am nowgoing to take the plunge (hopefully). It won't be used for its off roading...
  13. W

    cL500 needing a bit of bodywork ..

    Needs some skills to bring this one back! MERCEDES CL500 2002 | eBay
  14. M

    needing a couple e55 amg parts 2003

    both parts are for near side head light so wondering if any one knows who may braking a e55 I need the controle module and burner for the head light as mine is now needing them :wallbash:
  15. W

    New member saying hi, needing opinions please.

    Hello, I'm a long term Merc fan, now on my forth c-class. I currently have a w204 c200 cdi sport and it's a great car, it's a basic spec except for parktronic that I think was an option. The issue I have is that I bought the car as it was a very good deal and now think I could do with a little...
  16. jamesfuller

    spotted S123 needing work

    Whilst queuing for a junction today I spotted an S123. The car has been there years (at least 5) as I have seen it there before. However, this time the house is up for sale and so is the car! The sign in it says '450 no mot' From what I could see it has a dented wing and missing front...
  17. B

    newbie needing help

    Hi All **firstly i'd like to apologise if this is posted in wrong section of the forum** Im new to mercedes and i have just purchased a w203 c200 kompressor 51 plate i have a realy strange noise which seems like its coming from behind the centre console by radio? i can only describe it as a...
  18. A

    Hey new CLS 55 amg owner needing help

    Hi New Cls 55 AMG owner needs some help i have been struggling to get some ASP pulley i see savman has some and would like to pick these up from him but trying to contact him how would i do this been looking for 4 months :O any help would be appreciated
  19. K

    Newbie needing help - CL 600

    I've just had a problem with my 2000 CL600, last week i had the car washed underneath, and I didnt realise one of the drain plugs was missing, so my Bose unit and cd changer got soaked, this has now made all the command system inoperative with no power, do i need to replace the BOSE unit to make...
  20. S

    New C200CDI Sport Owner needing some help with functions please.

    Hi, Just picked up my new to me (57) C220CDI Sport W204 model. I've only had chance to have a basic play with it as I didn't pick it up until 3 oclock and had to do a 100 mile drive home in it. I have paired my phone to the Audio 20, but the buttons on the steering wheel don't seem to allow me...
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