1. Adamccc

    PITA Neighbours

    I've posted before re: removing cold start due to neighbours complaining about noise - but since then I found that the previous owner had disconnected the exhaust compression line that closes the valves up. Reconnected, the car is quieter than stock, (and can go loud at the click of a button)...
  2. DrFeelgood


    I've been having a spot of bother with our driveway gates in the windy weather we are having this week. Yesterday I went down to sort them out as the Mrs had left them open after leaving for work and I guessed (correctly) that they would be swinging about in the wind, I can't see them from...
  3. The _Don

    Kensington Neighbours See Red Over Stripy House
  4. guydewdney

    how do I find out house insurance details of neighbours?

    Like the MID is there an equivalent for houses? The normal course would be to speak to the owner but they are not there and are very 'short' on the phone. Any ideas? Guy
  5. guydewdney

    Silly neighbours 'manager' dispute

    Not really a dispute - more of a silly ar$e problem.... Not sure how we shoudl tackle this - so advice re next move appreciated. Story / circumstances:- We own a water mill, which now, after several years very hard work and a hell of a lot of money (think small house value) now generates...
  6. artyman

    Hmmph Neighbours

    My neighbour used to have a 1998 S class, sporting the usual signs of tin worm, always ragging me about always cleaning my car. Yesterday he turns up with this, one lady owner with 36K CLS 350 petrol, said it sounded good in the tunnel, I said it will get a lot dirtier than his silver S class...
  7. Lipsylee

    Next door neighbours s3 2002

    What do you rekon guys' my next door neighbour reckons his audi s3 2002 with 170k miles and a remap can beat my new mercedes c32 amg !!!! Haha he said maybe not after 20mph but to start off it will and round town and round a track , I think he's dreaming and once car is up and running fine I'm...
  8. Spinal

    Courier Leaving Parcel with Neighbours

    Right, may have an issue... I order a lot of stuff online, and generally it's trouble-free. A few days a ago, I got a missed courier card; which stated they would try to redeliver the day after. As I was working from home the day after, I patiently waited and did nothing. The parcel didn't...
  9. Godot

    This must really annoy the Neighbours

  10. M

    What great new neighbours to have - one for Charles Morgan

    Just found out our new French neighbours family own vineyards. Turns out they are the negociants, Bouchard pere et fils. Charles, for that is the gents name, does not have a tele so we have invited him around tomorrow evening to watch France lose to Spain. I wonder if he will bring something...
  11. Alex

    Neighbours' cats

    Is there a spray or something else I can use to keep neighbours' cats out of my lawn and cars? Tired of regular cleaning it from their feces and footprints.
  12. L

    new neighbours, from hell

    well next door has moved in... oh the joy next door has been rented by the owner to the DSS jeremy kyle scumbag bottom feeders that you only see on tv. not that i'm being judgemental. lol so last night the first night in the village the lad goes to our local shop to top his electricity...
  13. amwebby

    Meet the neighbours

    Snapped yesterday.
  14. buccal

    Noisy neighbours

    I reckon this might raise i few smiles at my expense. I am currently up to my neck studying for my MSc, and due to an ever increasing workload i've had to move next to my place of work during the week to cut down on commuting time/maximise study time etc. Only been in the new place for a few...
  15. The Boss

    one of my neighbours new lambos (1 or 2)

    Just went to see my flat down in Canary Wharf.. and my neighbour has two lambos.. one white, one red. Anyway, here is his white one outside, with a puncture... my lovely w124 is in the background as might be visible.. white murcie is stunning! and the owner is only 22.. damn!
  16. S

    Neighbours using cones to guard parking spaces

    Living in a terraced street, in a favourable living area, parking is always tight. I have come to the acceptance that you cannot always park outside your own house such is the position of everyone owning more than one. However two neighbours next to each other have come to the recent idea of...
  17. PaulE230

    Crazy Neighbours !

  18. GazCaff

    Nimby neighbours war with SSAFA

    I had my attention drawn to this thread on the ARRSE forum. Please take the time to read the subject matter of the thread and lend your support by signing the online petition. Please let others know. Thanks, Gareth.
  19. G-A-R-Y

    Found this old Merc in neighbours garage

    Old lady next to my father house has this old car in the garage. I said I'll ask is it's worth anything. Her husband died 10 years ago but I think it's been stood longer than that. I think it has Air-Con.
  20. GRAV888

    Neighbours eh?

    THIS happened at the top of my road last night:crazy:
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