1. roger574

    Portable bluetooth hands-free - Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD

    I'm thinking of getting a bluetooth handsfree kit for the car and thought it would be useful to have one that I could move between our various vehicles. I came across the Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD and wondered if anyone here had one and, if so, whether you'd recommend it? Also, is anyone...
  2. dog68

    Sony Ericsson Xperia neo

    Sony Ericsson Xperia neo for sale, Brand new, unwanted upgrade, T- mobile network, would like collection in person, Open to sensible offers.
  3. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: Brand New SNOOPER S6-R Neo

    For sale, a Brand New SNOOPER S6-R neo The GPS has been taken out of the box and tested, but the Radar/Laser detector is still sealed. Open to Offers - located in Watford... Rgds Was! 07766 367676
  4. Deker

    Neo ProLink iPod adapter

    I found a link to this in another forum, does anyone know if these work as advertised? full steering control navigation and track information in the command unit? Thanks Deker
  5. sym

    For Sale - Snooper S4 Neo

    GPS Camera Detector (+ Laser Alert) About 1 year old - As new condition, boxed with all accessories / leads etc. Subscription to receive database updates costs £4.95 per month. Full product details here Sensible offers accepted before it goes on eBay ! PM me if you require...
  6. M

    Snooper S4 Neo + S100 RLD (4 months old) as new

    4 months old, Snooper S4 neo with optional rear laser detector. With box, all cables, disc, brackets etc - it is the one that has all cameras, traps, schools, GPS real speed display, voice warning etc + the laser detector has the ability to warn of handheld cameras and vans. Updatable on the net...
  7. M

    Neo Jukebox

    About a month ago I fitted a Neo Jukebox, which like many on this forum I bought from the States. In the month that I have had it I have reformatted the drive 4 times. When I speak to SSI they tell me that of the thousands sold in this country they have not experienced this problem and there...
  8. M

    Snooper SR6 Neo Good/Bad?

    I have read various threads here about the latest Snooper and I like the sound of it. However when asking my local supplier he said that it was c$%p particularly the you could not see the screen and that it took 20 mins to works the GPS properly, but suprise suprise...guess what he didn't...
  9. M

    Neo Jukebox

    As promised here is a report and pics of fitting the NEO Jukebox. The remote was fitted in the ashtray, I cut down the DIN unit supplied, made up a new surround and glued this onto the ashtray insert, so when it comes to selling the car I can simply buy another insert and all will be...
  10. A

    Neo MP3 Jukebox

    Anyone had any experience of these? They seem to compare very favourably pricewise with the Phatnoise/Music Keg and have the same features, while being able to interface fully with alpine headunits. I like the idea of being able to take it out of the car and plug it into a dedicated bay on...
  11. D

    S6 Neo GPS

    I am considering buying one of these GPS detectors, primarily because it has a feature the RoadAngel doesn't; namely an indication of the speed limit on the road you are on and the name of the road you are on. Has anyone used one of these before and if so how do you think it compares to the...
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