1. gIzzE

    Glow in the dark roads coming, Netherlands first next year...

    Seems obvious and I remember asking my Dad why we didn't use glow in the dark paint on roads when coming back from London one night in the late 70's. Taken a while, but.... Netherlands Highways Will Glow in the Dark Starting Mid-2013 | Autopia |
  2. T

    New member from the Netherlands (C63 AMG)

    Hi There, My name is Ton and I live in the Netherlands. since the beginning of this year I drive a Mercedes C63 AMG (build 10-2008) and I am the second owner. My previous cars were: - Seat Ibiza FR - 2 x VW Golf V GTI - Audi S4 Avant - Audi S5 (V8) Coupe I did not do much to it yet execpt...
  3. B

    botje from the Netherlands

    Hello there, Figured to join this forum to read around some threads. Recently bought a SL500 (r129 1994) from Japan and imported it to the Netherlands.. (71.000 km) For the past 5 years I have driven a w123 300d from 1979.. Regards, Hans Botje
  4. A

    UK registered Porsche for sale in Netherlands - legit?

    Just came across this at approx £30k, very high spec facelift 996 Targa (okay it's LHD but that doesn't bother me). Not sure about the dash though. As the subject heading says, is this likely to be legitimate? Appears to be a dealership in...
  5. F

    W203 -Netherlands Alarm Settings....

    I’m looking to have the settings on my my W203 changed to NETHERLANDS so that the alarm chirps/bleeps when activated/deactivated during Lock/Unlock from the key thob. . Please can someone confirm what settings need to be changed exactly by Star on the the vehicle, and weather this would...
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