1. Chrishazle

    Windows 7 Networking Question

    I'm helping a friend set up his new desktop PC and old laptop, both with Windows 7 Home. Laptop is for his wife to use for email, games and internet, desktop is his and is the main PC. On the desktop we've set up just the one account, as an administrator. On the laptop we've set up 2 accounts -...
  2. Red C220

    Help required networking a LAN printer

    I have an oldish Laser printer which is thoroughly reliable and prefect for my needs - Samsung ML-2152w It's fine using a USB cable and works lovely, but it's a big old lump and I'd like it tucked away somewhere and wish to utilise it's wireless capabilities. Before I get it wireless I need to...
  3. jonnyboy

    yet another social networking question from me

    Hi all Bit of a weird question here following some lively banter in my local. From a "legal" standpoint (ish), what is the score with stuff posted on social networking sites? For example, "my boss is a ******, I want to leave" etc, and what about pictures taken which involve...
  4. Wilsonuk

    Business Networking

    Now I don't use forums very much at all, but it strikes me that it's a good opportunity for business networking? Is it frowned upon and is that the reason there isn't a sub forum for this purpose? :dk:
  5. jaymanek

    Networking Win 7 & Vista

    Just upgraded the computer... Set everything up and I can see other computers and printers... they cannot see me however... HELP! I hate networking... I have this problem everytime we get a new computer in the office! I have set it as a "workplace" network.
  6. M

    Win 7 / XP Networking Issues

    Here's a good Friday afternoon problem... Mrs E has got a new laptop with Windows 7. Our main machine is XP. We have been able to see the XP machine from the W7 machine (she's been able to pull music and work files across) but it's recently stopped. Fed up with the moaning I've had a look...
  7. verytalldave

    The future of social networking ? ?

    Just about sums up my feelings on this subject.......
  8. ShinyF1

    Wireless Networking OK, No Internet

    Hello again I've run out of IT talent again folks. Our German au pair has an Acer laptop running Vista which has connected perfectly well to our WN for months. Today it has dropped internet connectivity - it connects to the network but the gateway from the router to the internet is closed...
  9. jonnyboy


    Hi all I have a decent home pc (hp), a canon usb scanner/printer, a couple of ext.hard drives for backup all in my study next to the O2 router. About a year back, the guys at PCW advised me that a Belkin network hub was the way to go to be able to access archived data or use the printer off...
  10. Tan

    Business Networking

    Hi I am a member of a BNI Chapter and we meet at the Gherkin Building in central London. We have a visitors day coming up on June 11th and are looking for people of the following professions: Photographer Printer Software developer (including iphone app developer) Employment...
  11. jonnyboy

    networking (or is it?)

    Hi guys I run a home wireless network with 3 pc's. One mine, 2nd my laptop, 3rd daughters pc. What I really want to set up/do is to have my pc and laptop interlinked so that whenever i do something on my pc it automatically replicates to the laptop and vice versa. Specifically, I will need...
  12. Ade B


    My current IT infrastructure is creaking horribly.. Could any IT peeps give me a ballpark budget cost for setting up a 5 pc file sharing network with back up and a couple of laptops. Thoughts much appreciated. TIA Ade
  13. MikeL

    Powerline Networking

    Additional option to wired or wireless network - I needed network access in the lounge, already got wireless but needed hard wired which is pretty much impractical in this room. Had held off getting one of these internet over power devices because wasn't sure how successful it would be...
  14. NormanB

    Strange networking problem - help

    This is a strange one and I would be gratefulfor any help. The strangest thing is this whole outfit was working OK and has just started playing up and I cannot determine what precipitated the change. At the heart of the network is a Linksys 160N router/modem. To keep it simple I will...
  15. jaymanek

    Networking with Vista

    Basically bought one decent printer for the office... it runs off my XP pc primarily.. managed to get my dads pc (XP) to print through it over our broadband router network but cannot get another pc to work the same... This one has Vista. Any ideas? It just does not see anything on the network.
  16. Gollom

    X-box 360 networking

    Going to set this up hardwired - will I need a straight-through cable or a crossover? :confused:
  17. Silestanix

    Networking Problem (ICS)

    Alright, so what I've got at home, is 4 PC's, all networked up via Ethernet and a Netgear hub, set IP Address and ICS, with the Internet Connection on a Server PC in the games room. It's all been working Hunky Dory until the 25th August when my mum came home after 2-3 weeks away since the 5th...
  18. jpskiller

    Networking Help

    Got a strange problem Im ok at most things with computers but this has stumped me, Ive got several pc's wired & wireless set up at home, but one pc which is wired in, is unable to access internet or even see / ping any of the others, but all the others can browse the shares and access it...
  19. A

    D Link Wireless networking router and modem

    D Link Wireless networking router and modem DSL 300-T ADSL modem, connects direct to your phone line with ethernet out connection DI514 802.11b Wireless router 4 point switch. both brand new and boxed including set up CDs, power supplies etc, ready for use. £50 the pair plus postage...
  20. R

    networking quicke

    When connecting two puters via a HUB do i need crossover cables or stright ?
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