1. mbzclk

    Nokia Lumia 1020 - New 64GB Black, Unlocked to ALL networks & Free Camera Grip

    Hey guys, Got my unwanted upgrade for sale, keeping my current handset... New Nokia Lumia 1020. Still wrapped in all the original packaging 64GB Limited Edition Unlocked to ALL Networks Black - Boxed with all items (unused) plus free £20 Windows Phone Gift voucher...
  2. Barryh

    mobile phone networks

    I have been with Vodafone for 16+ years now,but started to look at O2 tarriffs wich seem much cheaper on a contract. I believe the coverage is better with Vodafone ,and I have had no problems as I travel mainly round scotland. Should I change?
  3. Jukie

    Mobile networks - anyone use "3"?

    Can anyone comment on the "3" network? I'm looking at a personal moby (I have a work-provided one already) and 3 seem to offer an awful lot of "free" minutes compared to other networks. Any comments gratefully received. TIA, David
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