1. K


    Slight misfire and diagnosis of vibration on heavy braking needed, so took the car to Automerc, the Newbury independent. As usual, thoughtful and informed analysis followed by 'least regrets' repairs. In the end it needed all disks and pads at each corner replacing, as well as the 8 plugs, but...
  2. R

    MB Independant specialists Newbury Area

    I have picked up that there are at least two good independant specialists in Reading and was wondering if anybody knew of one in the Newbury area?
  3. R

    Hello From Newbury, Berkshire

    Hello to all - I have just bought my first Mercedes - a 2000 model SLK 230 and it's wonderful!!:)
  4. Spinal

    Parking in Newbury Racecourse

    I need to be at the Newbury Racecourse tomorrow around 10:30/11:00 ish, and as I live near Heathrow, I thought I would drive there... especially as taking a train would mean a 1:30hr journey with a change in Reading... That said, I've been told that parking there is a nightmare, even though...
  5. sportyreptile

    Defectors GTG. 11th Nov. Near Newbury.

    Or a non starter? This has cropped up in my defectors thread on the General section. I think Scumbag first suggested it and I think it's a cracking (if slightly perverse) idea......what about you guys and girls? The idea is this......we have a GTG but NO Mercedes turn up...
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