1. M


    Hi all, My name is Dave and I am owning my first Mercedes. It's a 2014 A Class 180D avantegarde in champagne silver. I have to say I love it.
  2. A

    Newby, considering C63 Saloon/Wagon

    Hi all. I've started my research to replace my TVR before spring now our family is expanding in June. I have owned Audi/BMWs before so Merc seems to be the natural thinking as Jags/others are not appealing. I started my journey looking at E/C350s but i'm found myself swinging over to something...
  3. Arthur#

    Hampshire newby

    Hi, I have had my SLK350 (2012) since February, but only just found the club. I will attend the event at Brooklands tomorrow. Arthur
  4. A

    Newby question on Bluetooth/iPhone/music

    Hi all, New member from Yorkshire/Notts I'm Pleased as punch with my MY07 CLK350 cab!p, but a little confused with my options re above. I'm wanting to ideally Bluetooth calls and music with my phone tucked away and having access to menus etc, this is my set up so far: So, I have the...
  5. N

    Newby looking to buy C220 Coupe

    Hi guys, I've just come across this forum as the mrs would like to a c220 coupe. She's just called telling me she's just looked at a nice one local to us. 2004(54) c220 cdi SE coupe Auto with 95k miles. I've never owned/driven a merc, and just wondering if there is a buyers guides or...
  6. daverogers2001

    Newby Here to Site & C63AMG

    Hi all, Just thought I would say a Big Hi to you all as am new on here. Also just picked up a C63 AMG. Oh and I love it. Dave
  7. N

    Cars In The Park, Spring meet up at Newby Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire. 10th May 2015

    Cars In The Park, Spring meet up at Newby Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire. 10th May 2015 The first CITP meet up is already arranged for MAY 10th, Google map location: A brief history... Cars in the park is a casual gathering of...
  8. N

    Newby Intro Post

    Hi All I have decided to join the MB club as I also have a Audi TT and have found that club handy. Live in Bangor North Down Northern Ireland. Not a mechanic by any stretch but can do the old oil change and minor service stuff. Hope this is as informative and helpful as the TT Club:thumb:
  9. M


    Hi everyone picked up my slk350 three weeks ago and have not stop smiling since .
  10. Ryanloco323

    Newby with C250 Cdi

    Hello everyone I purchased a c250 cdi sport about 6 weeks ago totally standard, I've done a few subtle touches so far like wheels refurbished, c63 style grill, windows tinted and team heko deflectors... I'm looking for rear spoiler and dual diffuser if anyone knows a good place ?? Also how do...
  11. Frankor

    Newby in Buckie, Scotland

    Hi all, Picked up my new WDD212 E-Class 220SE last week and am loving it :thumb: Traded in my 6 year old Jaguar XF as it was starting to cost money due to electrical problems. Decided on something a little more economical, and this fits the bill perfectly. I have been studying this forum for a...
  12. E


    Hi, all just a quick introduction, I joined last week, but only picked up my ml yesterday. Up to now can't fault it, just need to sit in it with manual and work out how everything works? Cheers for now. Andy.
  13. F


    Hi all Brand new on here I have just bought a 51 reg ml270 And wanted to know how far can I take the facelift for this model Can I go for the new look front and back lights without any or many problems And what else can I do to give it a refreshing facelift ?
  14. W


    Hello all, new to all this but just saying hi,bought my first mb today and i love it,
  15. optimusprime


    Hi to everyone i am new to the forum ,and at the time i joined i had no car.But my cousin as purchased a new other .So i have been given this one .It is a one owner MB 2.6 c class 1989.I am real happy now i have my Mercedes again . A few years back i was a proud owner of a 230e 1984 and it was...
  16. J


    Hi all, new here im from farnham/aldershot area, just got the slk bug got 280 to play with. Spent many years building dragsters and hotrods, makes a change to go out in a car in the rain...:rolleyes:
  17. V


    Hi u have an E reg. e320 estate diesel lovely car just replaced batterie and now don't know the radio code lol so I can't set it , I live in battle East Sussex hopefully I can get some help on here thanks all
  18. M

    Hi from a newby

    Hi all I am new to this forum. I own a 2004 Vito 115CDI which has faithfully given me 410000 ks of service. I recently purchased a 2011 115 with 35000 ks on it. It has had a rear end crash and i want to use the Motor and running gear in my old faithful. I will have lots of questions but will...
  19. R

    Newby to MB in East Yorkshire

    Hello all, First MB for wife and i, a 2007 SLK200 in cubinite silver 44,000 miles and in exellent condition, we think its great. A run to Scotland in a few months. Bye for now folks. Roy and Valerie
  20. cbsml270

    Hello....another newby

    Just wanted to say a quick Hello to all on these forums. I have been lurking in the shadows reading posts mainly to find what to spot when purchasing a used ML270. I have just sold a new Honda Civic to purchase an older ML270 - needed a 4x4 as winters are poor (same a summer floods) in the...
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