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    Hi I've just purchased a mercedes cl 220 cdi estate 54 plate I get it on Wednesday all the toys looking forward to it hopefully it will be a good one as I need it for my 2 boxer dogs and play golf and have 2 grandchildren so hopefully it will do the job looking forward to meet people and get...
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    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m adolfo1. I’m going to buy my first Benz car this year. It’s my first car so I’d like to know more about it before buying not only for the type of car also some related equipment. I believe I will learn a lot from this forum and wish all of us can enjoy...
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    Mercedes Newcomer

    Genuine Newbie both to Mercedes & this site. Could anyone tell me how to get the trim off the bottom of the rear windows on my C220 CDI Coupe (some corrosion showing thru at front edge). Would be most grateful for any help.
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    MB newcomer

    Hi. I'm new to the club and I'm hoping to become an owner in the near future. I'm planning to buy a 2005/6 C220 CDI coupe (W203) with about 60k on the clock. What do I need to look for? I'm really confused about service intervals. How often should they be serviced and how will I know if...
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    HI i'm a newbie on this site.I have just got a '99 slk 230. i'm from Chester le street in county durham.
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    Newcomer wants 124 estate - London area

    Hello all I hope this question is not old hat but I have looked on the site and not found an answer. I have been running some miserable old cars since getting made redundant but now my half-brother has offered to buy and share a £1200 car with me - he only needs a car once a month or so. The...
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    hi newcomer

    hi to all just become a member on this great site reading all useful information bought a clk 270 six months ago and only had the plesure of driving it about 100 miles can t seem to get the wife out of the driving seat many thanks denis
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    Forum newcomer here...

    Hi guys I'm hoping to finalise a deal for a 2003 SL500 tomorrow... :bannana: . Not a done deal yet, but I'm confident my offer will be accepted. Its got one of those COMAND thingummyjigs in it which does the SatNav, and at has a cradle (but not the handset) for some long since superceded...
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    Advice for a newcomer please

    I am strangely drawn to a 280CE that's up for private sale in my street but I am new to the prospect of Mercedes ownership and not sure what I should be looking out for. I am viewing the car properly tomorrow evening so any advice I can get before then would be most gratefully received. What I...
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    Newcomer's mpg question - W126 300SE

    I'm just considering buying my neighbour's son's 1987 300SE. (Looks good and has done 115,000ish miles.) Please could anybody just give me any guidance on approx MPG with theirs? Owner reckons he gets 30 in economy mode, which sounds optimistic. (I`d mostly be doing longer distances, never...
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