1. S

    My newest AMG mod

    He can keep me company fastened in the rear seat :)
  2. D

    What's the newest B200 turbo..

    and are they any good? I need a run about to go with the e55 but it needs to be newer than the 2007 b200 I have found. I have a feeling that's when they stopped. Thanks David
  3. P

    Decisions decisions...Icarsoft or DELPHI DS150E Pro Plus NEWEST 2014.2

    I just cant make my mind up.....:confused: Which should I buy?
  4. N

    Newest AMG forum/family member

    Gooday to all of you. Purchased my first German auto two weeks ago. A metalic black 2012 with the PPP package coupled with the APX package. Barely made it home with the brand new Continenals on her due to snow packing the grip lines and hydro-snow-planing. But I made it and now have to store...
  5. WLeg

    W202 - newest

    Was chatting to a friend the other day, who thinks they saw a 51 reg W202.....anyone know if this could be true or rocking-horse poo ?
  6. I

    My newest baby - SEC

    No longer able to control myself, i bought another W126 or C126 it should be. Its a 1990 420SEC. I've been really busy working through its issues, which i have to say aren't many at all. Even the sunroof and air con works! One seat belt presenter is out of action but its only the relay and...
  7. SilverSaloon

    Cheapest but newest car available to buy today

    hi I was wondering what would be the cheapest but newest car you could buy today 2nd hand? I assume its probably a hyundai or kia of some kind.... I tried to do an autotrader search but it wouldnt allow me to search and list it in age order. Whats the cheapest but newest car you've...
  8. L

    newest member of the family loves the merc

    after having shadow for a year she went from this to this so my mam decides that she wanted one after her springer died.. and went out and got holly, who also forced the sale of my dads w203 (cause they wanted an estate for the dog... despite me carrying shadow in mine with no problems) so...
  9. P

    MBClub newest CLK55 owner

    :D Finally agreed a deal on the silver CLK55! Pick it up Saturday week! I am content that I managed to get it for the price I was prepared to pay. Very much looking forward to AMG ownership! I rang MB customer services this morning to check to see if it is still under the MB Rust warranty...
  10. 1

    Bosch Aerotwin wiper (as newest cars)

    Does someone have ever installed the new Aerotwin wiper on our W202?:rolleyes: I've found this but it's a similar Bosch product (called ICON 424A), present in US market! Maybe someone have ever succeed!:D Many...
  11. B

    Newest club member...

    Thought it was about time to introduce a new member to the forum - this is my son, Thomas, who was born about 10 days ago :bannana: He is to shortly go into training to become the next F1 world champion (got to start them young - I've got him a scalectrix (with 2x C43 AMG cars!!) to...
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