1. M

    Steering on my newly purchased Mercedes

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I simply came across this forum while googling a few issues I had with my car. I recently bought a Mercedes for the first time it’s the 2013 C220 coupe (Diesel), really lovely car. However I noticed that for some reason it...
  2. T

    Newly Aquired SL R129

    Hi All, Just picked up this one owner 2000 SL R129 which for me is perfect a couple of minor items to attend to in particular sourcing an aftermarket stereo and speaker set up. Blue, grey leather, Pano roof. More photos to follow.
  3. S

    Newly aquired C270 Avantgarde

    I recently moved to Italy and picked up a 2003 C270 with the 6-speed in it. I got it purely on the power:weight ratio and the reliability of the car. We plan to travel around a lot, so we wanted a solid car. I am pretty new to the MB realm. My father-in-law has an 88 SL 560 I have worked on a...
  4. S

    Newly aquired C270 Avantgarde

    Hi everyone. I recently moved to Italy and picked up a 2003 C270 with the 6-speed in it. I got it purely on the power:weight ratio and the reliability of the car. We plan to travel around a lot, so we wanted a solid car. I am pretty new to the MB realm. My father-in-law has an 88 SL 560 I...
  5. S

    Newly Purchased Facelift S211 E320CDI enters Limp Mode / judders

    Hi, I just bought an E320CDI 2006, facelift. It test drove OK, professional Mercedes Specialist inspection, including code reading showed no problems. I started the car today for the first time since purchase and noticed that there is just no acceleration. It was a real struggle to get the car...
  6. S

    18" AMG V - Newly refurbished!

    Not had these on the car long. Thinking I prefer my old ones :doh: Powdercoated in Satin Black with Diamond Cut Lip. As new condition. No buckles, welds, kerbing, etc. £1,200 collect or meet halfway. Please note they are still on the car so will be a couple of days before they are ready...
  7. BaldGuy

    Newly Single so new life ahead.....

    Went shopping today..... Deposit down....... Sorry crap phone pics... Fully optioned (only missing ceramic brakes) 8k miles 2011 LP560-4 Spyder

    Newly Converted!

    Hi all, recently took the plunge into the world of Mercedes Benz with the purchase of a nearly new C200 AMG Sport in Magnetite black. I know it's not the most glamorous of MB's portfolio but as of yet I am suitably impressed! Having flirted with Jaguar in the past, I was originally in two...
  9. D

    C200 Auto newly aquired

    Just over a week had my newly purchased C200 and sunday just gone was first day of driving due to getting insurance and weather problems.Was rather impressed in some respects and unmoved with others. Not exactly blistering pace but adequate for my needs - only plan to use as a sunday car with...
  10. M

    My newly aquired c250 sport

    Ive been looking ages for one, then i found this on autotrader which took a 7 hour round trip to collect, im really happy with it, its brill on diesel only used £25 worth of diesel on the 180 mile trip back home, Had the air-con regassed today, it has a few niggles that need sorting over the...
  11. J

    Heads Up re: Newly activated camera M1 j6a sthbnd?

    Not sure if this is the right place, I noticed tonight approx 18:30 for the first time that (speeding) cars were getting flashed by a camera that is in the gantry (I think) above the southbound carriageway of the M1 between 7-J6a. I travel this route regularly and this is the first time I've...
  12. N

    Help with newly purchased car!

    Hi guys, been reading the forum for a while so thought I'd join and learn more about my car. Recently purchased a C200 Kompressor 54 plate. The car's not been the most reliable since I've bought it to be honest, only bought it a week ago and the starting motor died out already which I had...
  13. christopherwk

    Our newly acquired CLK320 CDi Avantgarde!

    CLK320 CDi Avantgarde, 78000 miles Faster (noticeably), smoother especially with 7G box (makes mine feel lumpy), much quieter (is it really a diesel?!). Everything feels fresh and tight compared to my E (although mine is 2 years older, and has 2 and a half times as many miles!). The...
  14. D

    few probs with my newly bought e320

    hi all, im new to this forum so im not sure if this is the correct area to post my problems with my 1999 e320 facelift W210 i need some help with???? anyway here goes....... * firstly my mpg is soooooo bad, im only doing 10 miles a day and most of this is around town so with traffic lights...
  15. James Rothwell

    Just got back home with my newly purchased W140 S600L!

    Hi everyone, I just got back home in my new (to me) W140 S600 and seriously, wow, what a car. I had a W140 500 before and thought that was impressive the 600 is on another planet. The torque this engine produces is enough to start ice ages, and it's just as refined as my 500 was even though...
  16. pupsi

    What wheels for my newly acquired W124 E500?

    As the title, looking for some wheels for my new car. Want something with a nice dish on the rear, in 16s or 17s preferably. Anyone got any ideas? Was thinking about the AMG/OZ 3-Piece 17s from a SL R129 but would they fit my car? I had a set of BBS RS077s to go on but unfortunately they dont...
  17. K

    Newly In

    Hello, I've only arrived here out of neccessity, I thought I wouldnt need technical advice so on in to ownership! Here is my 1999 A160 Avangarde Auto Only 40 k on the clock and MB history. I'm enjoying the nice extras, CD player 10, Electric folding mirrors, Aircon (was this optional?) and...
  18. GrahamC230K

    W202 - Newly re-trimmed Leather Seats and Doorcards (Black)
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