1. A

    E63 "nicked" at 140 on the M11 So.... own up who was it?
  2. B

    Nicked off the drive, at least not ALL the car!

    OK not my car, and not a MB but it is my son's BMW.......his car was parked on the drive today along with my ML, we all went out for lunch in the Lexus (as its petrol and 4X4 and better in the floods) upon returning we immediately noticed two front bumper inserts were missing from the bumper of...
  3. Bryan Allman

    Front Grill Nicked !!

    Some scroat nicked the central black grill off the front of my 04 E55 yesterday while it was parked in a 'secure' car park in High Wycombe !! The car had been parked in the same place for 5 days in succession and I guess it just became too tempting a target for someone :( So, if anyone has...
  4. developer

    I Want To Be Nicked

    By the female Motorway Cop on BBC1 now - and I'd come quietly ;).
  5. High-Lo

    My old phone has been nicked from my car..

    Should I report it to the Police? Every couple of weeks I leave my E320 unlocked to take delivery of my dry cleaning. Only for a couple of hours or so which is quite minimal risk as I live in a quiet Close. I leave my good old Nokia 6310i in the glovebox. During the last two weeks, it has...
  6. Alfie

    Comand nicked in Woking yesterday

    It seems the comand thieves are out and about in Woking. One of my business partners had his Comand ripped out of his W203 yesterday whilst in Woking train station car park. So beware if you are around here....... Made a nasty mess of the interior.:( My bet it was the chavs seen tearing...
  7. whitenemesis

    R2D2 - Some One's Nicked Your Car!!

    But they left some very nice headlamps :D
  8. jaymanek

    Stereo Nicked!

    Just went into my showroom to notice that the stereo out my SL has been swiped! No damage at all... Checked on CCTV.. they calmly walked in, spent about 20 mins in there and went around all the other cars.. The SL has a standard single DIN stereo, easy to remove so they took that...
  9. Gucci

    Bonnet badge nicked (yes another one)

    Well, I was consumed with anger, but then I read Baccal's post, so don't feel as bad. My flat emblem badge has been swiped - only scrape mark is where the badge would hide, so could've been worse. How much for one of these then? :mad:
  10. T

    unashamedly nicked from another website

    A few days ago I was having some work done at my local garage. A blonde came in and asked for a seven-hundred-ten. We all looked at each other and another customer asked, "What is a seven-hundred-ten?" She replied, "You know, the little piece in the middle of the engine, I have lost it...
  11. jwarren

    Nicked MB badge - Update

    Hi You may recall that I bemoaned the little persons of no father paternity before christmas when they stole my shiny star and keyed the car, costing several grands worth of damage, time and insurance claims!! Well, the Police have caught the sods, they said the kids - 9 in total (14 /...
  12. jwarren

    Have you had your badge nicked?

    Morning all, I am writing with anger and frustration at the mindless twonks whom thought it would be great to stand on my bonnet and pull the star off my C200, but not content with causing damage to that, they then proceeded to key the bonnet and rear panel. Mad is an understatement. Car now...
  13. M

    Ian Walker nicked!

    Ian arrived safely after many hours in traffic jams. He got nicked 8 klms from here for failing to stop at a Stop sign...€90! More to follow...........
  14. T

    who's nicked my aircon hoses?

    can anyone help? bought the 97' c250td a few weeks ago and after investigating why the a/c is not working, realised that it's missing 2 hoses both from the front aircon radiator,however the rest of the system seems intact, anyone know other than MB where you can get these from? i've sourced a...
  15. nickg

    My SL60 AMG has been nicked

    Last night. F******* w****** broke into my house and stole my car keys before stealing my beautiful car. Some good news - wife and kids are away staying at the in-laws. The thieves did no damage to the house and left my wallet, house keys, lap top and Blackberry even though they were right next...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Coat nicked in pub!! (Cambridge)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After work (9.30) I nipped into the local pub, the Bath House in Cambridge, it was quiznight. Had 2 pints, and when I went to leave I discovered my jacket was missing off the stood next to me It was a...
  17. robert.saunders

    'Nicked' boot badge

    Yes, knew it wouldn't take long. Someone has taken the boot star from my C220, helped themself to the shiny star! Ho hum, looks easy enough to replace, I assume a new one just pushes into the 3 'pin holes' in the boot lid? Anyway, car goes to dealer today for repair work so will ask cost...
  18. S

    Car News: Merc boss has his Merc nicked Car News: Merc boss has his Merc nicked by Kyle Fortune, last updated November 23 2004 Jurgen Schrempp, head of DaimlerChrysler has had his £500,000 armour-plated limousine stolen. In what must be a PR nightmare for the company, parent of...
  19. Satch

    And you worry about valve caps being nicked...

    Boy duped customers on eBay out of £45,000 11 October 2004 A boy of 17 made £45,000 by duping people on the internet auction site eBay. He cheated more than 100 customers over 13 months by offering goods for sale that did not exist, a court heard. One victim lost £2,500. The boy...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Bonnet Star nicked

    Got mine nicked last night by some ****-terrorist, anyone have an up to date price for a 202 one?
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