1. MercedesDriver

    Late night Mercedes Movies

    Thought it would be nice compiling in one thread all Mercedes movies about technology and development, so here is the Mercedes W212 porn I have watched today:
  2. R

    Late night wish list shopping, I love AMG!!

    Couldn't sleep last night so I started the dangerous job of googling AMG and Mercedes etc. Found this beauty.
  3. L

    W212 facelift E63 night pack retrofit

    As above really, has anyone retrofitted or wrapped the parts that would be black with the night pack installed as I've found pretty much the perfect car but it doesn't have the night pack. Any help would be great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. grober

    Hms queen elizabeth night transit [YOUTUBE HD]/BknEq236s_Q[/YOUTUBE HD]
  5. B

    Adding night package

    Good morning all, I was wondering if anyone has any idea on cost or the ease of adding the night package to my car. It's a 2016 e350 in black and think it would set the car off better. Any thoughts or experiences with that? I'm open to ridicule or suggestions. Sent from my iPhone using...
  6. T

    C Class Estate Night Package Restriction

    Tried searching a couple of MB forums for an answer but can't seem to find anything so wondered if anyone here could help. I ordered a c class estate 29/04/17 with the night package and was given a build date for July. Email this week from the dealer said my car can't be ordered yet as their...
  7. gl boy

    Easter sunday night !!!

    Well I got up bank holiday Monday to discover my number plates stolen off my E CLASS !!!! What a inconvenience !!!! Police notified and crime number issued ,, Will see what I get through the post !!!! Some say stole my numbers for petrol forecourt robberies , armed robberies , and also...
  8. MikeInWimbledon

    Night vision - is there any point?

    Bemused by the Night Vision feature on my W221. I can't see the point of it. It doesn't give me anything better than my eyes can see. Am I missing something?
  9. A

    Hello! A45 AMG Yellow Night Edition Owner to be!

    Hello All, Alex here from Kent. Signed up to other forums but thought id say hello here aswell! Just purchased an a45 amg Yellow Night Edition that will arrive next month and I cannot wait! Delivery has been brought forward to the 11th April and i'm hoping that will be brought...
  10. I

    W205 spoiler and night edition lights?

    So far enjoying my C200 SE Exec petrol. However I feel that night edition front and rear lights and possibly a subtle spoiler might look rather nice. Are they available for this model and if yes, any suggestions where might be the best place to buy them from?
  11. RyanMuller

    Xiaoyi Yi Dash Cam (night time)

    Night time / early morning test of the new dash cam. Not bad for £60
  12. chester

    Fibromyalgia fundraising night

    Hope this is ok to put on here. I have managed to get a group of musicians together to help me raise funds for Fibromyalgia. The condition is incurable and so my aim is to help as many as I can to receive treatment not avaliable on the NHS. The concert is called Rock Off Fibro and will be...
  13. M

    16" wheels on S212 E220 Night Edition?

    Newbie here, so please be patient if this question has been asked before. I have searched the threads but couldn't find the answer. I am looking for a second set of wheels/winter tyres for my 2016 E220 Night Edition estate. The wheels it came with are 18" AMG alloys all round. There seems to...
  14. D

    Loss of Power on a 2015 E220 AMG Line Night Edition Bluetec Auto

    Hi All, I hope you can help or let me know if anyone else is having the same issues I have been having. I was delivered a brand new car (as described in post heading) last year April and all was fine until after 4 months or so. I have been having a very serious intermittent issue with power...
  15. S

    C43 Night Pack - Help

    Hi all, I have been convinced by my dealer that the Night Pack gives you (among other things) black front splitter and black rear end (exhausts and the area between both pipes) but the video I've been sent of the car looks like they are all grey/silver? Not happy if this is the case. Can...
  16. dad4geer

    Car remained unlocked all night

    Last evening I parked my car in front of my house and got distracted by something coming out of the car and went straight into my house. This morning I unlocked the car but the sound of those locks "clicks" was not very audible so I thought it could be just me. Opened the front driver door and...
  17. S

    A Class AMG Night Edition problems .....Crap customer service problems....

    Hello Guys, I'm a newbie on this site and to the world of Mercedez Benz. So here's my story..... 1 month ago I bought a A 180d CDI AMG Night Edition (gorgeous it is!) absolutely thrilled to bits, I was told it would be delivered 1 week later (I'm from Manchester, Car bought from...
  18. ringway

    BBC Radio 4. Late Night Women's Hour.

    I caught this broadcast listening to the radio on a recent journey. If we can discuss leaking, I'm sure we can listen to this. Who knows, some may even learn a thing or two. LINK. :)
  19. Headhurts

    E300 Hybrid to E350 Night Edition

    I thought some may be interested in a comparison of the above cars. I must confess that I did like the Hybrid but did have a few issues mostly recalls, but nothing relating to the Hybrid system. The E300 was leased but the E350 I have purchased intending to keep this for a few years...
  20. M

    Couple of vids from a soggy Brands last night

    Couple of videos from last nights OpenTrack event at Brands. After a week of decent sunshine the heavens opened for most of the day! Luckily the rain stayed to a minimum during the track time and we even saw a slight dry line develop. I was running on the AD08Rs on my road wheels and although...
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