1. BlackC55

    Engine nightmares!

    I thought I would post up our recent trials with a second hand engine supplied by a customer. A 211 320CDI I6 engine is the engine we are replacing. The old engine had been through a flood and had bent one or more conrods. As the car is in pretty good nick the customer decided to replace the...
  2. Godot

    The Stuff of Nightmares !

    Thea Maxfield picked up own head after horse fall causes 'hangman's break':crazy: A FALL from a horse left a woman with such a severely broken neck she was forced to pick up her own head. Thea Maxfield, who runs a stud farm in Oxfordshire, England, suffered a "hangman's break" a clean...
  3. Nasco12

    Brake bleeding nightmares

    This was the first time I had ever tried to bleed the brakes or renew the brake fluid. It did not go well. I was using a hand-held vacuum pump and MB's own fluid (DOT4 Plus which I think is also classified as DOT5.1). I was carrying out the work at PitStart because I don't have a drive and...
  4. B

    e320 cdi ongoing nightmares

    car still running flat 2-3k revs and thats it gear change even in tip it limits at 2-3K going to change brake light switch on tuesday but need to take mine out as there is two different ones and not sure which one mine is how do you remove the switch and where is it then i am going to change...
  5. G

    W123 230E Timing Chain Nightmares!

    Tried to fit my replacement timing chain tonight after taking the rocker cover off, etc., the weekend. I bought an original replacement chain from Mark Cosovich so I know its a good one (Jiwis). I understood from the Peter Russek manual that what I needed to do was to split the existing chain(...
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