1. Growy16

    Summer nights....

    Treated myself and the missus today. Added this little beauty to the family. From Listers Mercedes in Lincoln. Roll on summer.....
  2. B

    A nights sleep ruined by my new MB

    Am I the only person to be so obsessed by their new MB that it is giving them nightmares? I have just had a couple of dreams tonight, or should I say nightmares that have woken me up, where I have damaged my pride and joy. The most vivid one was where I was reversing down a slope but the...
  3. R

    4 nights in France, trackday,+ Karting

    Hi, there is a group of 8 of us, (4 from this forum, and 3 known to us from Goodwood track days and the recent AMG factory visit), That are going to France in September, plus 2 no. more awaited on for confirmation of attendance, but no passengers being permitted at this time, so as we maximise...
  4. Simon_M

    Phoenix Nights Live

    Anybody seen the shows in Manchester for Comic Relief? Any good? I loved the TV series years ago. S
  5. S

    Last nights high winds, have done some damage.

    Last night winds hear peaked at 90mph. Sustained high winds for around 12hours have meant Hurricane Bawbag is back, and its back with a vengance. Blocked driveway Crushed gate Havoc Debris Old Scots pine tree down
  6. M

    Topless nights

    Realised this morning that I'd forgotten I'd left the roof down on the car last night. That's the third time I've done that so far this year. :o Luckily, it hasn't rained on any of these occasions. Is it just me that does this? :dk:
  7. verytalldave

    Last nights Top Gear

    I find it hard to believe that nobody has posted about last nights show. It was after all the last one of the current series with nothing more until June. Specially "the star in the reasonably priced car". I thought that might have provoked a few souls to put metaphorical pen to paper and air...
  8. Gawdi

    Help - Battery totally losing charge on cold nights

    Scratching my head over a problem with my 92 300D. On nights when temperature goes under zero, the battery totally loses its charge - not even enough charge to work the central locking... I thought it was a problem with a dicky battery cell, so replaced the battery and have a brand spanking...
  9. Alfie

    Last nights Brit awards

    With one eye over my shoulder at the other thread......... Talking of value for money Tv I thought the Brit awards last night was the most awful load of utter rubbish i've seen for a long time. The presenter bloke was dreadful and the whole thing an utter waste of light. I exercised my option...
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