1. KennyN

    Tell me about - Nissan Juke ?

    The time has come to look for another car to replace the wife's 2007 Renault Scenic. The car has be great during our ownership needing very little in the way of repairs but , as with most Renaults , it is starting to show its age after around 70k miles and nine years on the road. The car has...
  2. F

    Custom Tuned 700bhp Nissan GT-R
  3. merc85

    Dont buy a Nissan, Should had bought a Vito!!

    Woeful tale, My wife ended up buying a Nissan X-trail over a New Vito which we have both regretted since. To cap it all off Glyn Hopkin Colchester are next to useless. 2 Days ago the CEL came on our New (65) 7 seater X-trail, My wife who happens to be pregnant and emotional rang the Dealer...
  4. F

    Good value service at local Nissan dealer.

    My 03 E320 petrol was due for a B service @58k. However the brake fluid & plugs [12] would need changing @ 60k, so I decided that due to the age of the car, I would use a local Nissan garage that I have had used before, to give it a major service inc. the brake fluid & plugs. It also had a...
  5. grober

    Nissan navara pickup truck review

    Why would anyone be interested in a Nissan Pickup on a Mercedes forum- weeell ----because rumour has it this may be the basis of a future Mercedes Pickup truck.:dk: Nissan Navara NP300 2015 - Van Review | Honest John
  6. coalville126

    Nissan X-Trail

    While my E55 estate is off the road this winter for a rest and bit of work, I'm looking to get a cheap, reliable winter hack for general duties & dog transport as a 3dr Corsa isn't quite suitable. Family has said no to my suggestions of another Merc estate or ML. Has to be auto, not too...
  7. whitenemesis

    Nissan DeltaWing

    I could listen to Ben Bowlby all day long, fascinating .... :rock: [YOUTUBE HD]c_INdbXMqsw[/YOUTUBE HD] Tough little car r_KDcbXEybg Amazing performance! UInHaXfoAQY
  8. H

    Nissan Murano £4800. South England

    Selling my Nissan Murano: Nissan Murano 3.5 V6. Excellent SUV. £4800, 45,000 miles only. Loaded with Sat Nav, Camera + extras | United Kingdom | Gumtree
  9. whitenemesis

    Radically Different Nissan Race Car

    Now this should be interesting at Le Mans this year. Front engined, FWD!!:eek: Even the driver has an interesting 'in' to the race scene, winner of Sony's PlayStation GT challenge... Will be watching how it all pans out :cool: fw_2N3tGMEg
  10. stwat

    Nissan GT-R Flips Into Crowd At Nürburgring Race, One Dead

    Nissan GT-R Flips Into Crowd At Nürburgring Race, One Dead [UPDATED]
  11. nb_racing

    New Nissan LMP1 car

    A brave new world: :rock: The Nissan GT-R LM NISMO: Tech Spec & Ben Bowlby Q&A It will be facinating to see how it shapes up. Edit; I should have called this thread "New FWD Nissan with 1250bhp"
  12. grober

    NISSAN to revive the Datsun name

    Small piece on the radio 4 program Today this morning about Nissan's ongoing expansion in Russia and how they are re-introducing the Datsun "moniker" there. NISSAN | NISSAN ANNOUNCES MAJOR INDUSTRIAL EXPANSION IN RUSSIA Their St Petersburg Plant is to double manufacturing capacity to produce...
  13. Spinal

    Nissan Qashqai?

    Guys, what's the consensus on the qashqai? I'm thinking the 4x4 teknica model... M.
  14. Sp!ke

    Nissan self cleaning car prototype

    Looks very interesting. From autoexpress Called Ultra-Ever Dry, the super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint – which repels water and oils – works by creating a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, essentially blocking dirt from coming into contact and marking the...
  15. W

    Rare nissan ... Interesting car

    Probably fun car? RARE Nissan Gloria Y33 Gran Turismo ULTIMA 3.0L 300BHP! Turbo TwinCam Skyline | eBay
  16. Mike C63

    E63s amg v nissan gtr. A quarter mile drag race at the Palm Beach raceway, Florida.
  17. Adeinfrance

    Nissan navara double cab

    Hi all. Selling my Navara d22 double cab 4 x 4 as upgrading to new model. 2004, white, aircon, towbar. Has age related marks but no damage. New upgraded engine fitted 8k ago in February because the old engine suffered the Nissan problem with conrods and blew to bits. New clutch, crankshaft...
  18. S

    Nissan Leaf

    I've been reading about these in various magazines. Bar range and recharge times the car really is praised for not only its innovation, but quick acceleration and refinement plus comfort. Say for example you have a small additional car to go to the supermarket, and say 15 miles to work and...
  19. Palfrem

    Steer by wire being fitted by Nissan soon

    BBC News - Nissan steer-by-wire cars set for showrooms by 2013 I wonder how feedback from the road will be managed? Will it be like a Playstation wheel? Not sure I'd fancy this.
  20. N

    59 Nissan Qashqai value?

    A friend's son is moving to L.A. for a few years on a job assignment & has asked his dad to sell his 59 plate Nissan Qashqai Tekna. It's the son's wife's car, was first registered 11.09, is the 2WD 5 door 1.6 petrol version in black, has 1 previous owner on the V5, 24,000 miles, FNSH & in...
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